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Ancestry Library

Provides access to hundreds of millions of fully searchable individual records contained in thousands of databases. The collection of databases includes Canadian, English, & U.S. Census Records, Ireland Vital Records, German Immigration Records, select passenger lists and numerous databases dedicated to specific ethnic origins and regions.

Please Note: Remote access to Ancestry Library will be ending December 31 2021. Please visit HeritageQuest Online, powered by Ancestry, for more great genealogical content!

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AtoZ World Food Library Card Required.

Learn more about food in history and culture while discovering thousands of traditional recipes from 174 countries. AtoZ World Food features:

  • 6,500+ Recipes
  • 750+ World Beer Reviews
  • 13,000+ High Quality Photos
  • 500+ Ingredient Articles
  • 850+ Food Culture Articles
  • 6 Food Glossaries
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AV2 World Languages eBooks Library Card Required.

AV2 World Languages is a language learning resource for children. Consisting of eBooks, each title features a clean, easy-to-read layout and vivid full-screen images. Each title also includes access to 13 eBooks in 13 different languages. Available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, German, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Urdu, Portuguese and Korean.

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Birds of the World (formerly Birds of North America) Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories Library Card Required.

Birds of the World is a powerful research database and digital encyclopedia that brings together content from Birds of North America, The Handbook of Birds of the World, Neotropical Birds and Bird Families of the World. Containing 10,721 species accounts, 21,000 colour illustrations and tens of thousands of photos, videos and sound recordings, Birds of the World is a perfect resource for ornithologists and bird-lovers.

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Book Connections New! Library Card Required.

Bring your favourite children’s and young adult books to life with Book Connections. Explore author biographies, name pronunciations, book excerpts, book trailers, vocabulary lists and more. It supports Homework Help, Homeschool Support and Reader's Advisory for children and teens by providing everything you need to know about a book.

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BookFlix Library Card Required.

BookFlix pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks to build a love of reading and learning. The engaging way to link fact and fiction, BookFlix reinforces early reading skills and introduces children to a world of knowledge, exploration and literacy.

Please Note: As of Monday, June 20, BookFlix is no longer be part of our Online Resource Collection. Check out the READ section for more great kids eBook resources!

Brainfuse HelpNow Library Card Required.

Brainfuse HelpNow offers students learning support from kindergarten up to grade 12. There is also support for university courses, adult learners, and resume writing support for all ages. Students can chat live with online tutors and create study aids customized to their learning needs.

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Brainfuse JobNow New! Library Card Required.

Brainfuse JobNow provides personalized career coaching for a wide range of career needs. Support services include live job coaching, resume creation and job searching. You can access resume templates, submit resume documents to Job Coaches for review, take career assessments and practice your interview skills with a Live Interview Coach. Brainfuse JobNow Coaches are available every day between 2 p.m. and 11 p.m. MST.

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British Literary Manuscripts Online Library Card Required.

British Literary Manuscripts Online is comprised of two collections (c.1660-1900 and Medieval and Renaissance) and presents facsimile images of a range of literary manuscripts — including letters, poems, stories, plays, essays, journals, literary manuscripts, chronicles, religious writings, and other materials — from roughly 1120 to 1900. It encompasses extensive materials related to major British literary figures from the Bronte sisters to Sir Walter Scott to Oscar Wilde.

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Calgary Herald 1883 – 2010 Library Card Required.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Calgary Herald is a historical archive of the Calgary Herald newspaper. Coverage spans from 1883 to 2010, allowing you to search cover-to-cover for local views, events and people. It includes access to feature articles, newspaper editorials, advertisements, cartoons, obituaries and classified ads, all through a cross-searchable platform. Full-page and article images can be easily downloaded.

Please see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Calgary Herald 1883 - 2010 to access resource.

Canada’s Info Resource Centre Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories Library Card Required.

Includes all the listings from the: * Canadian Almanac and Directory * Associations Canada * Libraries Canada * Canadian Environmental Resource Guide * Governments Canada * Financial Services Canada * Health Canada * Careers & Employment Canada * Canadian Parliamentary Guide * Major Canadian Cities * History of Canada


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Canadian News, Business & Current Affairs (ProQuest) Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

ProQuest combines Canadian Newsstream and Canadian Business & Current Affairs and Globe & Mail historical.

Full text of 170 large and small Canadian newspapers including (most recent issues not included):

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Cantook Station eBooks Library Card Required.

Cantook Station offers more than 500 French eBooks, with titles available across all categories and for all age groups. View the resource in French by selecting “FR” from the language menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. To browse French eBooks, either visit the “Catalogue” tab or conduct a search and filter your results for French.

Cantook Station is also the home of the Read Alberta eBook Collection and the Prairie Indigenous eBook Collection.

Find out what you need to get started reading in this getting started help Guide and Cantook Station's new Online Help resources.


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Chatham House Online Archive Library Card Required.

Chatham House Online Archive provides close to ninety years of analysis and commentary on international policy such as briefing papers, special reports, pamphlets, conference papers, monographs, and full text of two of Chatham House’s flagship periodicals: International Affairs and The World Today.

The archive offers access to thousands of hours of audio recordings of Chatham House lectures and their fully searchable transcripts, offering insight into the experiences and opinions of key figures in international affairs, including Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Willy Brandt, King Hussein of Jordan, François Mitterrand, Henry Kissinger, Prof. A.J. Toynbee, Chaim Weizmann, Dr. Andreas Papandreou, Caspar Weinberger, Chief Gatsha Buthelezi, HE Yousuf Al-Alawi Abdullah, Dr. Zhores Medvedev, and Hans Blix.

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Clear Pronunciation New! Library Card Required.

Clear Pronunciation is an English Second Language general program for all levels. Clear Pronunciation works to build up your confidence by drilling down to the building blocks of pronunciation and tackling the 43 sounds of the English language. It provides you with the opportunity to dissect, listen to and practice making sounds independently, but still in a structured learning environment with lots of guidance. You can choose from British, North American and Australian pronunciation models, using audio, video and interactive activities. The program is geared from beginner to advanced levels.

Consumer Reports Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

All the great information published in Consumer Reports magazine pulled together into one easy to use web site. The one place you should always visit before making your next purchase.

Please Note: As of January 2020, "Canada Extra" ratings and statistics have been discontinued and can no longer be accessed within Consumer Reports

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Creativebug Library Card Required.

Creativebug is an educational video resource that focuses on Arts & Crafts. The videos are produced by artists and creative experts who have a lifetime of practice and proven teaching techniques. There are over 5,000 class offerings, which include everything from paper and sewing to holiday décor. One new class is added each week and all classes come with downloadable patterns, templates and recipes.

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CSA Standards – Canadian Standards Association Library Card Required.

Access the standards of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) through the CSA OnDemand™ platform. You can read the full text of the standard in all its detail, including historical standard editions and standards in both French and English editions where available. To access the CSA Standards library, you must click on CSA OnDemand™ at the top of the CSA homepage.

Please Note: As of January 2021, all standards are View Access Only and can no longer be downloaded as PDFs. View Access Only does allow for a Web View mode in your mobile device browser.

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Dance in Video Movies & TV Library Card Required.

Dance in Video will contain five hundred hours of dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance. Currently contains 710 works and 460 hours of video.

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Early Arabic Printed Books Library Card Required.

Early Arabic Printed Books from the British Library: Literature, Grammar, Language, Catalogues and Periodicals is a full-text searchable archive of early Arabic printed books of folktales, pre-Islamic literature, Islamic poetry and prose, proverbs and sayings, language and lexicography, dictionaries, grammar, syntax, rhetoric, manuscript publication records, and periodicals.

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EBSCO eBooks eBooks Library Card Required.

Access thousands of eBooks on popular non-fiction topics (do-it-yourself, travel, biographies, relationships, golf, gardening and so much more). EBSCO eBooks includes titles from the "for Dummies" series and has an eBook count of almost 5,000 titles. Many titles are in PDF format only. Note: EBSCO is ending support for their EBSCO eBook app on May 25, 2018. They recommend the BlueFire Reader app as an alternative. Please check out this help guide to get started.

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Edmonton Journal Library Card Required.

Browse, search and read from the scanned pages of the Edmonton Journal, from 2011 until present. This resource does include a 3-month embargo, meaning full issues cannot be accessed for the 3 months prior to today’s date.

Please see ProQuest Recent Newspapers: Edmonton Journal to access resource.

Edmonton Journal 1903 – 2010 Library Card Required.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Edmonton Journal is a historical archive of the Edmonton Journal newspaper. Coverage spans from 1903 to 2010, allowing you to search cover-to-cover for local views, events and people. It includes access to feature articles, newspaper editorials, advertisements, cartoons, obituaries and classified ads, all through a cross-searchable platform. Full-page and article images can be easily downloaded.

Please see ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Edmonton Journal 1903 - 2010 to access resource.

EPL Canada150: Edmonton Stories Movies & TV

At Edmonton Public Library, we share stories and we hope to inspire all Edmontonians to share their stories with us. Here you will find stories from Edmontonians of the people, places and events that have shaped our country for the past 150 years and look ahead to the next 150 years. You will also find resources on how to share your story through EPL’s Digital Storytelling project.

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eXpress Titles (cloudLibrary) Audiobooks eBooks Library Card Required.

Fast access to our most popular fiction and non-fiction titles. eXpress Titles by cloudLibrary (Cloud Library) are available on a first-come, first served basis. Holds are not available, so check back often to see what we have. Only 2 eBooks and 2 eAudiobooks may be checked out at a time for a 1 week loan. For more, see our Getting Started Guide.

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Freading eBooks Library Card Required.

Includes titles from most genres and lots of reality reads. There are over 170,000 titles always available for you - No waiting, no holds required!

(Download or Read in App)

Please Note: Freading has changed its sign-on method so you no longer need an Adobe Digital Editions account to use the app! If you are using the Freading website or mobile app for the first time since this sign-on method change, you will be asked to create a new account with an email address, password, your library card and your PIN. Once that information has been entered, you will be able to enjoy Freading books seamlessly without having to sign-up separately with Adobe.

These new Freading credentials will now be your Adobe Digital Editions ID and password to download eBooks on your computer for Freading and other eBook platforms. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Frontier Life

Frontier Life includes primary source material from 1650 to 1920 on movement by Europeans to Africa, Australasia and North America and the resulting consequences for frontier regions. Canadian history covering the Hudson’s Bay Company,  Archives of Manitoba and the Glenbow Museum are included in the archives. This eResource will appeal to history buffs, genealogical researchers, teachers and students.

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Gale Courses Library Card Required.

Become an expert in only six weeks by taking interactive, instructor-led online courses covering a wide range of topics. Free for cardholders. New six-week courses start on the third Wednesday of every month and there is no limit to the amount of courses you can take.

Just like regular classes please read the syllabus before enrolling to make sure you are interested in the subject and time commitment. If you don't return to participate in week 2 of the class within 13 days of the start of the course, you will be automatically dropped from the course. You are allowed one, 10-day extension after the final exam due date to finish your course. We cannot provide additional extensions.

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Gale OneFile: Business Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

This resource provides full-text coverage of all business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy. It provides access to nearly 4,000 leading business and trade publications that are updated daily. These include a number of Canadian publications like The Advocate, Canadian Business, the Globe & Mail, Canadian Woman Studies and more.

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Gale OneFile: CPI.Q Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories Library Card Required.

The electronic version of the Canadian Periodical Index, this resource includes more than 1,300 Canadian periodicals, has a bilingual interface (English and French), and provides access to more than 700 full-text articles from 1983 forward. It also includes travel handbooks from Fodor’s Travel for Canadian destinations, historical documents, science and technology essays and more.

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Gale OneFile: Home Improvement Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories Library Card Required.

This resource is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. With over 4.5 million articles from more than 200 Home Improvement titles, Gale OneFile: Home Improvement covers everything from architectural techniques to tool and materials selections to zoning requirements. This resource also has a mobile-optimized interface, making it easy to use on a mobile device. Publications include Canadian House & Home, Home Energy, House & Garden and many more.

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Gale Virtual Reference & Research Library eBooks Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories Library Card Required.

A collection of almost 500 titles ranging from general non-fiction (travel guides, career help, DIY, etc.) to academic reference material to homework help for children and teens of all ages. The titles come from a number of respected publishers and explore a wide variety of subjects: Arts, Biography, Business, Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, Science, Social Science, Technology, and Travel.

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Grant Connect Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories

Grant Connect is a comprehensive database designed to help connect organizations with funders. Providing access to over 1.25 million grant records and totaling over $41 billion in giving, Grant Connect provides up-to-date information on grant programs, application guidelines, financial history and key decision-makers. Information is updated daily, listing over 11,000 Canadian Foundations, 560 Corporate Giving Programs, 370 Government Grant Programs, and 120 American Foundations.

Please Note: This is a very limited license so please logout as soon as you are finished!

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HeritageQuest Online

HeritageQuest Online is rich in family histories, interactive census maps, unique primary sources and more. It contains more than 4.4 billion records, delivering an essential collection of genealogical and historical records from the United States and North America dating back to the 1700s. It contains more than 700 million records from the U.S. Federal Census, 1.5 million records from various U.S. city and county directories, 170 million pages from the largest collection of wills and probate records in the U.S. and more. Access this resource from home and enjoy the easy-to-use interface that is perfect for genealogists of all skill levels.

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hoopla Audiobooks Comics & Graphic Novels eBooks Movies & TV Music Library Card Required.

Movies, television, music, books, comic books and audiobooks!

    1. Borrow and stream up to 5 items per month
  • Movies &TV: 3 day loan
  • Music: 7 day loan
  • Audiobooks: 21 day loan
  • Graphic Novels & eBooks: 21 day loan
  • Comic Books: 21 day loan

All titles are available all the time. No holds and no waiting — you want it, you get it! Please note, mobile users will need to access hoopla via the hoopla app, not on a mobile browser. The following desktop browsers are supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.


Indigenous Peoples of North America

An historical collection of newspapers, manuscripts, drawings and sketches, photographs, maps, periodicals, monographs, reports, legal materials, organizational records, and population census records. It is sourced from both American and Canadian Institutions, as well as direct-from-source from newspapers from various nations and related organizations. The collection also features Indigenous language materials, including dictionaries, Bibles, and primers.

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Job & Career Accelerator New! Library Card Required.

Job & Career Accelerator is part of LearningExpress Library family. As a job-hunting platform, this resource has everything you need to create professional and competitive résumés and cover letters, search for jobs, prep for your interviews and more. You can create new résumés in the platform or upload an existing one, or you can browse through over 200 sample résumés. There is also a scholarship list that contains Canadian-specific scholarships for Canadian students. 

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Kanopy Movies & TV Library Card Required.

Kanopy is a video streaming platform for libraries with a large and unique collection of documentaries, feature films, shorts, and television series featuring over 30,000 films from hundreds of producers including the Great Courses, PBS and thousands of independent filmmakers.  Borrow and stream up to 10 items per month. Each video is checked out for 2 or 3 days, depending on the film.

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Kanopy Kids Library Card Required.

Kanopy Kids is a video streaming platform for libraries featuring hundreds of educational and entertaining children's videos available to stream whenever you want. Kanopy Kids includes unlimited views per month.

Now available on apple TV and Roku!


Learning Express Library Library Card Required.

Practice tests and tutorial courses to help you succeed with academic or licensing exams. Immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and individualized analysis of results. Many tests are from American sources. Now includes Computer Skills training for a variety of MicroSoft applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Access, Outlook etc.). Includes two Canadian Citizenship Practice Exams (as well as American).

Now also includes access to Job & Career Accelerator, a job-hunting resource that has everything you need to create professional and competitive resumes and cover letters, search for jobs that fit your needs, give professional interviews and more.

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Library & Information Science Source

Library & Information Science Source is the largest full-text database for library and information science studies. It provides hundreds of full-text journals covering all related subjects, including librarianship, classification, information management and the history of library studies. It also includes full-text monographs, pamphlets and theses, plus a subject-specific thesaurus. 

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LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) Library Card Required.

LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com, is an online learning library that helps you learn business, software, technology and creative skills with just your library card and PIN. LinkedIn Learning's new catalogue offers over 16,000 new courses in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese. LinkedIn Learning can be accessed on mobile devices through the LinkedIn Learning app or through your mobile device browser. If you change your library card number, your learning history won’t be accessible under your new card number and PIN.

Visit our LinkedIn Learning is Coming blog post and LinkedIn Learning FAQs to learn more about the new LinkedIn Learning platform and features, including how to access the LinkedIn Learning app.

Please Note: When creating your new account, it could take up to a half an hour for your learning history to transfer over. 

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Find detailed information about the safety of a wide variety of materials. Now with an improved layout for an easier access to safety data sheets and a convenient one-click access to a separate archive of WHMIS 1988 data sheets. 

Download the CCOHS Safe Work app for easy access to 120+ tip sheets, infographics, videos, and other guidance, in English and French. Search by topic or type, save your favourites and share with colleagues. Once the app is downloaded to your device, you don’t need an internet connection to run it. You can use the app in remote areas and manufacturing shop floors where connectivity may be unreliable

Found In: Only available at Edmonton Public Library

Mazaam Music New! Library Card Required.

Mazaam is a musical education game that exposes children to quality music at an early age through their extraordinary catalogue of more than 140 classical music recordings, using real instruments. Supporting early childhood development through play and classical music, Mazaam helps children develop their tonal and rhythmic sense. Follow along with Mazaam the Conductor as he guides children through the five worlds of Pitch, Tempo, Intensity, Timbre and Harmony. The resource interface and games are available in French or English.  

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Music Online: Classical Performance in Video Music

Explore the largest, most diverse and comprehensive catalogue of online music content in the world. From classical to alternative rock to zydeco, from ballet to operatic arias to alternative dance, Alexander Street's music and dance resources cross genres and content formats. Fans of the performing arts can access hours of performance videos, all for free!

Music Online: Classical Performance Video now includes Opera in Video.

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Music Online: Classical Scores Library, Vol. 1 Music Library Card Required.

This resource is a multi-volume series of in-copyright classical music scores. It contains more than 53,000 titles and 1.3 million printable pages of the most important scores in classical music, ranging from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. The resource covers more than 4,600 composers, from Mozart and Tchaikovsky to contemporary artists including Kaija Saariaho, Peter Maxwell-Davies and John Tavener.

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Music Online: Listening Music Library Card Required.

Music Online: Listening contains content from over 500 producers and distributors across the world. It provides access to high quality streaming audio for over 10 million tracks, covering Classical, Jazz, World, American and Popular music. Music Online: Listening also provides access to 40,000 recordings available from the Smithsonian's archives and many acclaimed artists. 

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Muzzy: Language Learning for Kids Library Card Required.

Muzzy is the world's #1 language course enjoyed by families and language beginners of all ages. Muzzy is aimed at children from preschool to elementary school age and is great for individual learning, homeschooling or even as a family activity. Languages include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Russian. See our Getting Started guide for phone or tablet.


National Geographic Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

Enjoy the highest-quality photojournalism and cartography with unparalleled, in-depth coverage of cultures, nature, science, technology and the environment. Includes every page and every photograph, all fully searchable. National Geographic Magazine Archive is a powerful tool for finding and reading through the more than 120 years of articles.

Includes every issue from 1888 onward. The latest issue appears online 15 days after its publication date.

Now includes National Geographic Kids and People, Animals and the World!

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Naxos Music Jazz Music Library Card Required.

Your ultimate source for Jazz music. All the Jazz titles formerly found in the Naxos Music Library are now included in NML Jazz.

Naxos Music Library Jazz is one of the most comprehensive collection of Jazz music available online. It offers over 260,000 tracks of jazz from more than 9,000 albums featuring over 32,000 credited performers.

Naxos Music Library Jazz comprises the catalogues of Blue Notes Records, 22 labels of Fantasy Jazz and over 200 other labels including EMI & Warner.

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Naxos Music Library World Music Library Card Required.

A wide range of World music available as a streaming music collection. Naxos Music Library World offers recordings from over 32,000 artists, over 150 countries, and 1500 cultural groups. The complete Smithsonian Folkways catalogue is included.  

Please Note: This is a very limited license so please logout as soon as you are finished!

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New York Times Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

NYTimes.com provides access to the latest multimedia journalism and storytelling from The New York Times newspaper. Articles are available in English, Chinese and Spanish. Access includes articles from 1851 to 1922 and 1981 to present. Access to NYTimes Cooking and the crossword are not available. Users will need to create a NYTimes.com account with an email address.

For in-library access, use this link here.

For remote access, use this link here.

More information at our NYTimes.com Getting Started Guide.

Please Note: Access to the NYTimes is currently unavailable when using the Google Chrome browser. Please use a different browser (Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari) until this issue has been resolved.

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NFB (National Film Board) Campus Movies & TV

NFB Campus streams almost 1,000 more films than the free NFB site. Lots of great additional, educational and Canadian made or Canadian focused content.,

The extra Campus content is only available for streaming in-library (thanks to our Campus subscription). All the rest of NFB.ca is available anywhere in Canada.

Found In: Only available at Edmonton Public Library

NoveList Library Card Required.

NoveList Plus is an online readers' resource with over 200,000 fiction and readable nonfiction titles. NoveList Plus reflects the latest books, news and trends and includes coverage of over 9,000 fiction and nonfiction series. Find new authors and titles. Use a favorite author or title to locate other authors and titles of interest or enter words that describe the contents of a books you would like to read. Browse over 1,200 theme-oriented book lists, 160 award lists and 1,800 fiction related web-sites. NoveList Plus contains materials for all ages including picture books, children's chapter books, young adult titles and books for adult readers.

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NoveList K-8 Library Card Required.

NoveList K-8 Plus is a read-alike resource specifically for young readers that does not include adult titles. Containing reading recommendations for both fiction and non-fiction, it can be used to find just the right book for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Recommendations are created by professional librarians, teachers and school media specialists. It also includes reviews from professionals like Booklist, Kirkus, Library journal, Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal, as well as reviews from readers found on Goodreads.

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O’Reilly for Public Libraries (Formerly Safari Tech Books) Audiobooks eBooks Movies & TV Library Card Required.

This resource includes 45,000+ eBook titles and more than 3,500 videos on essential technology and business. It includes technology eBooks, videos and streaming audiobooks from the current year and the previous two years, and business eBooks, videos and streaming audiobooks from the current year and the previous three years. Each year, new content is added and the oldest year of material is removed to present customers with a rich and growing foundation of timely information on business and technology topics.

Easy to use, just click and start reading. No downloads required, no special viewers. 

*Now with a new look!

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OverDrive Audiobooks eBooks Library Card Required.

With OverDrive, you can borrow and enjoy free eBooks, audiobooks, and more. All you need to get started is an internet connection, and your library card.
This collection includes popular fiction, non-fiction, and technical titles.

Borrow up to 15 titles at a time and place holds on up to 30 titles at a time.

Need some help getting started? Check out the Overdrive getting started guide.


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OverDrive Kids Audiobooks eBooks Library Card Required.

Check out all the great titles for kids that are part of our Overdrive collection. With OverDrive Kids, you can borrow and enjoy free eBooks and audiobooks. All you need to get started is an internet connection and your library card.

Need some help getting started? Check out the Overdrive getting started guide.

Borrow up to 15 titles at a time and place holds on up to 30 titles at a time.

OverDrive Magazines Newspapers & Magazines New! Library Card Required.

With OverDrive Magazines, you can enjoy full colour and full text access to top magazines like Newsweek, The New Yorker, Elle, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Hello! and The Hockey News. There are no waitlists and no holds, and magazines do not count towards your OverDrive checkout limits. You can renew a magazine within 3 days of the end of the lending period, which is 21 days.

You can also access and download magazines to your Libby app, opens a new window for offline use! Just browse the lists of magazines within the app and search by format to find available titles.

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OverDrive Teens Audiobooks eBooks Library Card Required.

Check out all the great titles for teens that are part of our Overdrive collection. With OverDrive Teens, you can borrow and enjoy free eBooks and audiobooks. All you need to get started is an internet connection and your library card.

Need some help getting started? Check out the Overdrive getting started guide.

Borrow up to 15 titles at a time and place holds on up to 30 titles at a time.


PebbleGo (Animals, Science, Social Studies) New! Library Card Required.

PebbleGo is packed with over 1,000 informational articles specifically designed for grades K-3 students. With modules covering Animals, Science and Social Studies all embedded within an interactive interface, PebbleGo supports independent learning in all core subject areas. Games, activities and read-aloud audio make this an engaging resource for readers of all abilities.

PebbleGo Next Science New! Library Card Required.

PebbleGo Next Science is the next step in digital literacy and research. It is designed to meet the needs of grades 3-6 students, covering everything from plant growth and changes to electricity and magnetism, evidence, investigation and more.

PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science New! Library Card Required.

PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science supports grade 3-6 learners. Learn more about everything from seasonal changes to exploring liquids, sky science and more. It offers research and homework help that includes video, audio, live feeds and interactive games that all help bring science to life!

PowerKnowledge Life Science New! Library Card Required.

PowerKnowledge Life Science supports grade 3-6 learners. It provides information on everything from small crawling and flying animals, wetland ecosystems, forests and more. It offers research and homework help that includes video, audio, live feeds and interactive games that all help bring science to life!

PowerKnowledge Physical Science New! Library Card Required.

PowerKnowledge Physical Science supports grade 3-6 learners. It covers everything from hot and cold temperatures, wheels and levers, classroom chemistry and more. It offers research and homework help that includes video, audio, live feeds and interactive games that all help bring science to life!

PressReader Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

Read more than 2,000 newspapers and 1,000 magazines from around the world. Enjoy titles from 100 countries in 60 languages, with 50 Canadian newspapers including the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun.

Log in with your library barcode and PIN and start reading. The green coffee cup in the top left corner indicates you are logged in as a library customer. Use the “Sign In" button and select the "New User? Sign in Now” option if you want to create a personalized account and save your reading preferences.

  • Please note: Access to The Globe and Mail is limited to customers using PressReader in a library branch due to restrictions imposed by the publisher. Current articles from the publication are available on Canadian News, Business & Current Affairs both in and out of library branches.
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Pronunciator Language Learning Library Card Required.

Learn 163 languages with Pronunciator. Featuring live tutors, movies, music with lyrics, pronunciation analysis, quizzes, a customizable interface in 144 languages and more! Pronunciator is available on both computers and mobile devices through browser access on your mobile phone. There is no app version of Pronunciator available for EPL customers. If you plan to use Pronunciator on your mobile device, register for an account here before accessing the mobile device version.

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ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Calgary Herald 1883 – 2010 New!

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Calgary Herald is a historical archive of the Calgary Herald newspaper. Coverage spans from 1883 to 2010, allowing you to search cover-to-cover for local views, events and people. It includes access to feature articles, newspaper editorials, advertisements, cartoons, obituaries and classified ads, all through a cross-searchable platform. Full-page and article images can be easily downloaded.

Found In:

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Edmonton Journal 1903 – 2010 Newspapers & Magazines New!

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Edmonton Journal is a historical archive of the Edmonton Journal newspaper. Coverage spans from 1903 to 2010, allowing you to search cover-to-cover for local views, events and people. It includes access to feature articles, newspaper editorials, advertisements, cartoons, obituaries and classified ads, all through a cross-searchable platform. Full-page and article images can be easily downloaded.

Found In:


Read Alberta eBooks eBooks Library Card Required.

Read Alberta eBooks gives you instant access to more than 1,500 eBook titles from Alberta publishers. The collection features a variety of genres including literary fiction, graphic novels, poetry, self-help and young adult. Titles can be read on all devices including desktop, tablets and eReaders. Internationally published titles in French are also available in this resource.

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Road to IELTS – Academic Edition Library Card Required.

The Academic format is, broadly speaking, for those who want to study or train in an English-speaking university or Institutions of Higher and Further Education. Admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses is based on the results of the Academic test. IELTS Academic may also be a requirement to join a professional organization in an English-speaking country. Please note, the latest version doesn't work with Internet Explorer.

EPL also offers the General Edition

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Road to IELTS – General Edition Library Card Required.

Develop the skills to pass IELTS. This is the GENERAL Edition.

The General Training format focuses on general survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts. It is typically for those who are going to English-speaking countries to do secondary education, work experience or training programs. People migrating to Australia, Canada and New Zealand must sit the General Training test. Please note, the latest version doesn't work with Internet Explorer.

EPL also offers the Academic Edition

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Science Reference Center Encyclopedias, Dictionaries & Directories New! Library Card Required.

Science Reference Center features authoritative content to meet all your science research needs. It contains full text for hundreds of science magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference books and a vast collection of images. With more than 1,000 science experiments and more than 2,000 science videos, Science Reference Center allows students and science researchers to explore everything from health and medicine to mathematics, physics, scientists, technology and wildlife.

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Slice Fractions & Math Time New! Library Card Required.

Slice Fractions and Math Time are educational games for children to assist in learning fractions and fundamental math concepts. In Slice Fractions, kids between the ages of 5 and 12 slice through ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path, unraveling the mystery of fractions along the way! In Math Time, kids between the ages of 5 and 9 use math to solve puzzles and change the Math Time world!

Please Note: Math Time collects customer IP address information through Unity Analytics. To read more about Unity Analytics data collection, please see the Privacy Policy link below.

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Solaro Library Card Required.

Solaro provides the same great Alberta specific curriculum information you find in their Keys and SNAP publications. You can create a Solaro account and work through course lessons, reviews and quizzes, tracking your progress as you go. Covers grade 3 through grade 12 Alberta curriculum.

State Papers Online 18th Century 1714-1782

State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century, 1714-1782 represents the final section of the State Papers series from the National Archives in the UK - before the series was closed and replaced by the Home Office and Foreign Office series in 1782. Covering the reigns of the Hanover rulers George I (1714-1727), George II (1727-1760) and part of the reign of George III (up to 1782), the manuscripts that reveal the behind the scenes, day-to-day running of government during the eighteenth century.

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Teen Health & Wellness New! Library Card Required.

Teen Health & Wellness provides middle school and high school students with non-judgemental, curricular and self-help support. A trusted source for what matters most to teens, this resource provides support for mental health, life skills, mindfulness, bullying, fostering relationships and more. Visit the Calm Room, submit a question to Dr. Jan or read stories For Teens by Teens.

TeenBookCloud Comics & Graphic Novels eBooks Library Card Required.

TeenBookCloud is a curated database of eBooks and digital content meant to support students in grades 7-12. The collection features over 1000 titles, including graphic novels, eBooks with audio narration and highlighted text for text-tracking, classic literature, National Geographic videos, and more. The resource contains High-Interest/Low-Level content, as well as an AP English section.

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Theatre in Video Movies & TV Library Card Required.

Theatre in Video contains more than 275 definitive performances of the world's leading plays, together with more than 100 film documentaries, online in streaming video. Includes the complete works of Shakespeare, and representing hundreds of leading playwrights, actors and directors. Included are landmark performances such as The Iceman Cometh, Awake and Sing, Dom Juan, Bérénice, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Playboy of the Western World, Krapp's Last Tape. Notable actors include Claire Bloom, Laurence Olivier, Colleen Dewhurst, Richard Dreyfuss, Walter Matthau, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and more.

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Theatre Performance and Design Library Card Required.

Theatre Performance and Design offers a behind the scenes look at some of the world's greatest theatre performances. This resource covers all aspects of performance - from set and lighting design - to costumes, makeup and more. It combines filmed performances, master classes, documentaries and training material with previously unpublished production designs, reference texts and teaching tools. This resource provides access to the following collections: Audio Drama: The L.A. Theatre Works Collection, BBC Literary Adaptations in Video, National Theatre Collection, Performance Design Archive Online, The Royal Shakespeare Company Collection, Theatre in Context Collection and Theatre in Video: Volumes I & II.

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Tumblebooks eBooks Library Card Required.

This site has audiobooks, games, non-English books and more. These help to develop early literacy skills, and have everything from storybooks to non-fiction titles about important social issues.

TumbleMath Audiobooks eBooks Library Card Required.

TumbleMath is a comprehensive collection of math eBooks designed for children. The eBooks combine animation, narration and sound to create stories and teach math concepts. They are accompanied by supplementary materials such as instructional videos, educational games and quizzes to track reading progress. Designed for children of all ages, TumbleMath allows children to learn at their own pace and gives them the ability to take ownership over their reading.

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US Major Dailies Newspapers & Magazines Library Card Required.

US Major Dailies provides access to five U.S. national and regional newspapers: The New York TimesWashington PostLos Angeles TimesChicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. With print and online editions, the titles offer researchers thorough and timely coverage of local, regional and global events with journalistic balance and perspective. The content is available by 8 a.m. U.S. Eastern time each day and provides archives stretching as far back as 1980.

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World Book Kids Library Card Required.

Includes more than 25,000 World Book Encyclopedia articles. Also includes more than 1,800 tables, 100 animations and videos, 10,000 pictures, 500 maps. Has Teacher's resources, current news, special reports and historical articles.

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