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EPL is an integral part of the community. The library is a place that helps Edmontonians connect, learn, belong and thrive. Here are some customer stories about their love for the library.

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Customer Testimonials

Staff Testimonials

"It is an uplifting place to be. We have experienced so much growth in the last few years that the opportunities seem endless; you just have to find your fit."

– Ilona S., Collections Librarian

"I couldn’t have imagined driving a giant Literacy Van to provide library service in remote reaches of Edmonton, or filming a nursery rhyme video, or hosting a rap workshop for young offenders. EPL embraces diversity and so my experiences have been diverse, and I am professionally and personally better for it."

– Laura Y., Community Librarian

"When I moved to Edmonton a few years ago, EPL was one of the first places I visited. Because EPL is a safe and welcoming space, a compassionate institution with a big emphasis on newcomer and community outreach, I just had to apply!"

– Jason M., Library Assistant

"Working in an environment where I come to work and feel appreciated and supported really makes it easier to come into work every day. Having a sense of accomplishment where I can physically see how my efforts affect the entire branch is really motivating."

– Jennifer J., Page

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