Digital Exhibits

We love technology and have so much to share with you. Stop by some of our EPL locations and discover some of our amazing digital exhibits.

The Wall

The Wall, available on the public floor at the Stanley A. Milner Library, is a digital installation unlike any other in North America. Two storeys tall and 40 feet wide, its immense scale and unique touch-interactive opportunities make it a must-see immersive experience.

The Wall is designed inspire imagination on a grand scale while at the same time offering a unique interactive way to foster interest in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) learning. The visual impact with interactive activities take learners on a journey to explore a pre-historic world, a marine world, buoyancy and aerodynamics. The EPL-developed Carnival also offers a collaborative game where players activate the fairground. Check out our schedule and drop by to learn and interact with life-sized dinosaurs or explore the Great Barrier Reef!

Digital Touch Table

A 65” multi-touch table, available on the public floor of our Mill Woods Branch, offers game-like learning and entertaining digital exhibits.

The touch table allows multiple customers to gather around and use it simultaneously, and promotes learning and social engagement. This technology at our Mill Woods Branch is not only an opportunity to offer an experience previously not available to customers, but also to collect data to inform the overall experience of the two-storey digital wall.

Initial exhibits include interactive science quizzes, memory puzzles, biographies of historical figures and locally-created educational games, as well as programs that support creative expression. The aim is to rotate content in order to offer variety, as well as test content that may be suitable to be displayed on a large-scale digital wall in the future.

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