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What will a FREE library card get you? A chance to enjoy instant, endless fun!
What will a FREE library card get you? A chance to enjoy instant, endless fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We license our digital content from a number of companies (library vendors). The vendors require us to only allow our customers to access their products. For most products we are only licensed for the citizens of Edmonton. Your library card confirms your identity for the library vendors websites.

  • Yes. If you use a Kobo eReader, you can download OverDrive titles to a computer then use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to transfer them to your device. This option is available from, opens a new window or EPL's OverDrive website.

    Additionally, many Kobo devices are compatible with direct borrowing of OverDrive ebooks (e.g., Kobo Sage, Libra 2, Clara HD, Elipsa, Forma, Libra H2O, Nia, Aura Edition 2, Aura H2O Edition 2, or Aura ONE). This functionality will continue to work as expected.

  • OverDrive has a dedicated Libby Help website, opens a new window where you can find all kinds of information about Libby, including, including troubleshooting tips!  

  • If you previously downloaded the legacy OverDrive for Windows or OverDrive for Mac desktop programs, you can continue to use these applications without disruption by downloading audiobooks from EPL’s OverDrive website. 

    As technology continues to evolve, there are no plans for Libby to support downloading audiobooks to a desktop computer and transferring them to an MP3 player. 

  • Yes. OverDrive made an update in January 2023 to ensure all preorder titles purchased by EPL are discoverable to you in Libby. 

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