EPL staff, customers and communities deserve great leaders, and EPL leaders have the responsibility to continually strive to become better. Exceptional leadership is a journey and a practice, not a point of completion or perfection. We are always working to improve ourselves, while supporting and encouraging those around us.

Executive Team


Pilar Martinez

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 780-496-7050
Fax: 780-496-7097
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Gastone Monai

Gastone Monai

Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 780-496-1840
Fax: 780-496-7097
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Director of Marketing Communications & Fund Development Tina Thomas

Tina Thomas

Executive Director, Strategy & Innovation
Phone: 780-496-7046
Fax: 780-496-7097
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Mike Lewis

Director, Human Resource Services
Phone: 780-496-7066
Fax: 780-496-7097
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Chrissy Hodgins

Director, Branch Services & Community Engagement
Phone: 780-442-6850
Fax: 780-496-7097
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Sharon Day

Sharon Day

Director, Branch Services & Collections
Phone: 780-496-5522
Fax: 780-496-7097
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Gilbert da Silva

Director, Facilities & Operations
Phone: 780-496-1848
Fax: 780-496-1885
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Parveen Mann

Director, Financial Services
Phone: 780-442-6851
Fax: 780-496-1885
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Anna Alfonso

Anna Alfonso

Director, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 780-508-9166
Fax: 780-496-1885
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Image of Steve Till-Rogers

Steve Till-Rogers

Director, Technology Services
Phone: 780-442-6280
Fax: 780-496-1885
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Branch Leadership

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