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EPL helps grow engaged, passionate learners. The City of Learners is an initiative led by the community that lives at the Edmonton Public Library. It seeks to work collaboratively and creatively with community partners to incubate, pilot and engage in learning activities for all Edmontonians. The City of Learners partners with formal and informal learning organizations to activate learning and to create inclusive learning opportunities for, with and by Edmontonians.

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Learn Downtown: Understanding 5G Technology

Feb 22nd | 12:15pm - 1:00pm
Join Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer at TELUS, to learn more about 5G technology and the role it plays in your every day life.

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Three goals have been adopted by the City of Learners Steering Committee as the backbone of a three-year plan (2018-2020) for the City of Learners Initiative.

  • Engage: Edmontonians are excited about the innovative and engaging life-long learning opportunities that are available to them in the city
  • Connect: Edmontonians are connected to existing and emerging learning opportunities through the city.
  • Innovate: Edmontonians have opportunities to engage in innovative and unique learning experiences

Wherever possible, priority will be given to developing learning opportunities and action items that meet the priorities established by the Community Foundational Learning Plan: literacy, early learning, and health and learning.


In 2008, then Councilor Don Iveson led a group of learning sector stakeholders to explore the idea of a learning city project. Based on stakeholder discussions and input from community dialogues, the Edmonton Learning City Initiative developed the Community Foundational Learning Plan, which brought together organizations to work together more effectively in promoting lifelong learning for all Edmontonians. The result of their work was compiled into the Community Foundational Learning Plan document (2013), which shaped a vision, identified shared strategies and established learning priorities for what would eventually become the City of Learners.

As the initiative moved forward, the network of organizations, which included the Edmonton Public Library, formed under the “City of Learners” banner and in 2013, the City of Edmonton established EPL as the "home" of the City of Learners. Under the stewardship of EPL, the 2014-18 Strategic Goals focused on learning as one of its four strategic directions and specifically committed to being “the home of the City of Learners.” The 2019-2021 EPL Business Plan lists the City of Learners under its Significant Operational Activities.

Steering Committee

The City of Learners is guided by a steering committee made up of community partners that serves as an advisory resource to enhance planning and decision making related to the City of Learners. Committee members meet quarterly to foster connections, provide strategic perspective and contribute to the planning, implementation and evaluation of City of Learners Events.

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