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EPL's Strategic Plan is the five-year blueprint to help us be the best place in Edmonton to learn, create, be and work. Our accompanying Business Plan provides the roadmap for how we will accomplish the ambitious goals in our Strategic Plan.

Our Plans

Strategic and Business Plans

In 2017, EPL’s Board of Trustees and Executive Team charted our aspiration to be the best place in Edmonton to learn, create, be and work with the input of representative staff from across the organization. Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan is the five-year blueprint to help us accomplish this, and our accompanying  Business Plan provides the roadmap. 

Over the past five years, EPL had made many significant achievements as we worked together to transform communities, evolve our digital environment, act as a catalyst for learning, discovery and creating, and transition the way we do business. 

Our Strategic Plan Report Card highlights a selection of key accomplishments as well as opportunities we are still working on that will help shape the future of our Library. 

Looking forward

In 2022, the EPL Board of Trustees, Executive Team and staff focused on developing our 2024-2026 Strategic Goals and Business Plan by defining what our communities need and where we could provide the most value. Our Strategic Goals uniquely position EPL to support the many communities we serve, while ensuring staff continue to be prepared to deliver exceptional customer experiences Edmontonians have come to expect.

EPL's 2024-2026 Strategic Goals and Business Plan position EPL as the best place in Edmonton to learn, explore and experience.

KPIs & Community Reports

Intern Librarian Reports

In 2017-2018, our Customer Experience (CX) Intern Librarians conducted research and consultation around customer experience at EPL. The reports illustrate EPL's customer experience through the eyes of the customer, as well as the value of Customer Journey Mapping and Service Blueprinting as methods to evaluate, analyze and improve library service. The combination of both of these methods allowed the incorporation of customer and staff perspectives in order to identify problematic touch points and areas for potential improvement.

Partner Reports

OVERDUE: The Case for Canada’s Public Libraries

OVERDUE is the outcome of three years of engagement with Canada’s urban public libraries through one of the most extraordinary periods in human history – the COVID-19 pandemic.

Released by Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) and Canadian Urban Libraries Council / Conseil des Bibliothèques Urbaines du Canada (CULC/CBUC), the report details the significance of public libraries for Canada’s post-pandemic recovery, competitiveness, and resilience and calls for renewed and diversified investment.

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