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Capital City Art (CCA) promotes and celebrates local visual art and artists in Edmonton. EPL connects Edmontonians with visual art through promotion of local artists, curation of community art in all our locations, classes or events connection to EPL's art collections.

Capital City Art

Capital City Art - Artist's Circle

Oct 25th | 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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Call for Curation: ISOLATION ART

Unexpected free time? Have you discovered – or rediscovered – a talent for art while physically distancing and watching the world go by from inside? As the world reopens, we’d love for you to be a part of the ISOLATION ART exhibition.

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We are accepting

  • original two-dimensional framed or on canvas, ready to hang
  • Three-dimensional works (limited to specific locations - please be sure to check the Gallery Details on the Submission Form)

Please provide an artist’s bio and a brief statement of work (1-2 sentences) for each individual piece, and photos of sample works.

Submit your application via our online form. If you want your work to be considered for ISOLATION ART make sure to check the box: “Consider this submission for the current call”.

Works will be considered against Capital City Art submission criteria (see FAQs). The ISOLATION ART exhibit will be on display for up to three months starting in January 2022.

Deadline to submit your application is November 13, 2021. Artists will be contacted on submission status no later than December 4, 2021.

Gallery at Milner

The Stanley A. Milner Library features three unique gallery spaces for exhibition of local art. As EPL’s flagship location, the Stanley A. Milner Library is situated in the heart of Edmonton’s Arts District. An architectural gem, Stanley A. Milner Library houses an extensive permanent art collection as well as three public art installations. Other features of this branch include the EPL Makerspace and PÎYÊSÎW WÂSKÂHIKAN (Thunderbird House).

Artists are invited to submit their works for exhibition at the Stanley A. Milner Library through EPL’s Capital City Art Gallery Submission form. Occasional Calls for Submission also provide local artists opportunity to showcase their works. Details can be found through our Frequently Asked Questions.

IMAGINE Donor Wall in the Stanley A. Milner Library
IMAGINE Donor Wall in the Stanley A. Milner Library

Capital City Art Gallery Spaces

Are you an emerging artist?

EPL offers free space for local artists to display their works. We also provide space for exhibits through partnerships with not-for-profit arts groups, educational institutions and community organizations. By doing so, we hope to encourage creativity and foster collaborative relationships within our communities.

EPL encourages creativity and discovery in its locations. We provide free space for artists to display their work in the community. Exhibit space varies from branch to branch. Please apply using the Capital City Art Gallery Submission Form.

Calling All Local Artists

Public Art

Libraries simply make sense for public art, says David Turnbull, Director of Public Art and Conservation with the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC).

“What we’re really looking at is considering the space and the citizens that use that space. And libraries are a place for gathering, for experimenting – they’re a home away from home.”

Photos provided by the Edmonton Arts Council

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Capital City Art pulls together the different ways EPL supports and celebrates Edmontonian visual artists. It comprises both physical display spaces in our branches, online displays via our website and future workshops and classes for artists and artists-to-be.
  • The IMAGINE exhibit was the inaugural gallery showcase planned as part of the Milner revitalization. This exhibit will be in place until the end of 2021.

    To request the opportunity to have your works exhibited in a Stanley A. Milner gallery, please complete the Capital City Art Gallery Submission Form.

  • Preference is given to artists from the Edmonton area. These may be individuals or groups of artists. EPL also provides space for exhibits through our partnerships with not-for-profit arts groups, educational institutions and community organizations.

  • Artists are asked to fill out the Capital City Art Gallery Submission Form. Through the form you will include a description of the exhibit, provide an artist biography and sample images of your work. You may select one or two preferred branches for your exhibit and identify a preferred timeframe for the exhibit. To see details on Capital City Art Gallery spaces across EPL branches, click on “View Gallery Details.” After you submit your request, a staff member from the branch will contact you directly about your submission.

    • Due to limited space, preference will be given to Edmonton and local area artists who have not displayed recently in a CCA gallery space.
    • Exhibits must be suitable for public spaces serving people of all ages and supporting a welcoming environment.
    • Exhibits may be for individual artists or groups of artists.
    • Artwork will be chosen for quality, originality, and consistency of style and form.
    • Artwork should be ready for hanging/display.
    • The branch leadership team shall determine if an exhibit is appropriate for display in the branch CCA Gallery Space and reserves the right to refuse any exhibit.
    • CCA Gallery spaces endeavour to be responsive to the diverse cultural interest of the community and are aligned with EPL’s Mission, Values and Community-led Philosophy.
    • CCA Gallery spaces may not be used for commercial or political purposes, for the solicitation of business, for profit, or for fundraising, other than fundraising that supports the Library.
  • Yes! You can view gallery details here or link to information from within the submission form.

    • Each artist or group wishing to exhibit in a CCA Gallery needs to sign an Agreement to Exhibit contract.
    • Artwork should not be in formats that are easily damaged or stolen, as the Library cannot provide security.
    • Hanging works should be framed or otherwise suitably prepared for use with hanging systems available in or approved by the Library.
    • The exhibiting individual or institution must agree to cover all costs related to display beyond the available infrastructure at each location.
    • For liability reasons, artists must install their own artworks.
    • For liability reasons, EPL is not able to store artworks before or after an exhibition.
    • Artists must be prepared to set up and take down their exhibits within their allotted time slots.
    • Artists are encouraged to provide insurance to cover loss or damage to their works. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage.
    • No material, including advertisement, may be affixed to any part of the interior or exterior of the Library without prior approval.
  • Generally, exhibits are in place for no less than 1 month. The exhibit schedule will be discussed once the works have been accepted for exhibit.

  • Artists may provide a price list and their contact information which staff will maintain at the service desk. Prices will not be displayed with the art. EPL will not broker any sales, collect commission or hold on to artworks for potential buyers. Art works must remain in place for the entirety of the exhibition regardless of any private sale made.

  • EPL does not pay artists to exhibit their works.

    The Capital City Art Gallery spaces of EPL provide free exhibit space as a way to share and celebrate the talents of local artists, professional and amateur. Participation is voluntary and exhibits are temporary. EPL provides a unique opportunity to showcase your work in a space that is frequently visited by Edmontonians and visitors to our city.

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