epl2go Literacy Vans

We come bearing gifts of knowledge, early literacy, digital literacy and technology programs—where they're needed and wanted most. The epl2go Literacy Vans bring exceptional (and free!) EPL programs and services beyond our branches.

Where We'll Be Next

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What We Offer

We bring the Library to you, creating pop-up library spaces in city facilities, parks, recreation centres, schools, childcare facilities, hospitals, organizations and institutions. Get a library card, return a book, play with a robot and take part in a program right in your neighbourhood.

Contact epl2go

Want us to bring the epl2go Literacy Vans to you? Our staff can be reached at 780-496-7032 or at epl2go@epl.ca.

Event, organization or location suggestions for epl2go can also be submitted using the contact form.

Support EPL

epl2go would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. Your gift ensures all Edmontonians have access to much needed library resources, regardless of location or transportation issues.

We thank you for your support. You can find out more about EPL's fundraising priorities here.

Thank You to our Sponsor

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