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Our journey towards understanding Indigenous history, culture and practices has only begun. Mâmawô ayâwin, meaning “all being together” in Plains Cree, reflects EPL's efforts to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples together to build community. Join a class, attend an event, or borrow materials and let's learn together.

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Exploring Mythological Fiction for Older Kids Books

Dive into mythological fiction for kids where ancient tales meet modern imagination. Explore timeless adventures and captivating characters!

Kêhtêyayah (Elder) in ResidenceKêhtêyayah (Elder) in Residence

EPL's 2021 Elder in Residence is Jo-Ann Saddleback. Learn how she'll be connecting with customers through classes, events and one-on-one visits.
EPL's 2021 Elder in Residence is Jo-Ann Saddleback.

Mâmawô ayâwin

Libraries have long been community gathering places for people and ideas. EPL offers open, inviting and comfortable spaces that provide refuge, comfort and community for all Edmontonians. At the Library, customers can pursue solo endeavours, whether reading, study or work, or connect with others, whether family, friends, colleagues or the community at large.

EPL also serves as connector, actively bringing diverse groups together, whether in person or online. We promote dialogue, increasing understanding and inspiring change.

It is in this spirit that we developed Mâmawô ayâwin.

Mâmawô ayâwin means “all being together” in Nehiyawewin (Plains Cree). The name is a reflection of EPL’s intention to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples together to learn, discuss and celebrate under various topics.

Following in the footsteps of PÎYÊSÎW WÂSKÂHIKAN, EPL’s Indigenous gathering space at the new Stanley A. Milner Library, Mâmawô ayâwin also uses the Indigenous language to bring visibility to Indigenous languages within EPL.

We look forward to gathering with you, in person and online, as we continue the conversation about our kinship to each other and to the land.

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