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Natasha Deen

When Natasha Deen’s family moved from Guyana to Canada, she was given strict instructions from her parents. “Get an education,” they said, “it’s the key to unlocking all this world has to offer.”

Natasha set out to do to exactly what her parents told her to do…except she ran into some trouble. Stories. They were on TV, in the theatre, and the libraries, and they were tonics when the world got ugly, when the kids bullied her, and when she felt invisible because she couldn’t see a reflection of herself in this new land.

Stories were a way into other worlds and she loved all the twisting, exciting roads they led her down. Being a story-teller, a writer, would have been the best job in the world. Unfortunately, no one around her knew how to do that, so she kept her head down and got good marks, and decided to be the kind of grown up she was supposed to be.

She went to university to get a Master’s in Psychology, but she ran into even more trouble. Stories. They were everywhere. So, after she got her B.A. in Psychology, she abandoned any pretence of being a “mature adult,” and went after her dream of being a writer.

In 2007, she had her first short story published. Since then, she’s written for kids, teens, and adults. Her books have been nominated for awards and won a few. In 2013, she was the inaugural Regional Writer in Residence for the Metro Edmonton Library Federation.

Natasha’s most recent works include Lark and the Diamond Caper, and Game’s End. Thanks to her writing and stories, she’s been able to meet people, hear their stories, and discover how amazing the world is. Best of all, she’s discovered that being a grown-up who pursues their dreams is the best kind of grown-up to be.

If she’s not writing or hosting workshops for schools, libraries, or other organizations, she’s at home, trying to convince her dogs and cats that’s she’s the boss of the house. Visit her on Twitter , Instagram, Facebook , and on her website at

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