Makerspaces at EPL

EPL Makerspaces are hubs for all things making and creating. They offer Edmontonians access to services and equipment such recording studios, high-end creative workstations, 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing machines, book making and more.

Our Makerspaces welcome everyone; it doesn’t matter whether you're just getting started or picking up an old creative passion. We aren’t experts in everything, but we’re here to help.

Before You Visit

All customers 12 and over must fill out the waiver before accessing Making and Creating services. Those under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian fill it out on their behalf.

Makerspace Services & Equipment

3D Printing

EPL has a fleet of 3D printers and all the free training you need to learn how to use them. After a 3D Printing 101 class, you’ll be able to book time on one of our FDM printers and make your 3D dreams come true.

Digital Conversion

Going through the family home VHS collection or have a stack of photo negatives? EPL’s digital conversion stations have a variety of tools to help you digitize your analog media, including VHS, VHS-C, cassette, CD, floppy disk, slides, film negatives, vinyl records or photographs. Bring in your own USB stick or portable drive and book your time to get started!

Vinyl Cutting

Get your creative juices flowing with our vinyl cutting services. We have two types of dynamic cutting tools available for customers to bring their artwork to life: the Cricut Maker and the Roland GS-24. Design illustrations to cut on a broad range of materials and create everything from intricate paper artwork to large vinyl signage.

Recording Studios

Looking for a new place to mix, record or jam? Our recording studios are set up with new and exciting instruments and equipment that meet the sound recording needs of everyone from beginner to professional. Our collection is perfect for music enthusiasts of all ages and ability.

Computer Software

EPL’s Makerspaces offer a wide variety of software iMac workstations to support your creative journey. These powerful machines have free and licensed software in areas that include music, sound and video editing; game design; programming; modeling; and illustration.

Heat Press

Create customized clothing, accessories and home décor using our cutting tools to design and cut a variety of heat-press materials. A range of materials can be used with the Hotronix Heat Press to complete your project. Some materials can be purchased on site and staff are available to assist in ensuring safe and successful applications.

Capilano's sewing machine


Learn how to sew or show off your fashion designer skills with our computerized sewing machine. Once you have completed your Sewing Machine Certification or have previous experience, you’re free to explore how easily the Brother CS6000i allows you to sew, quilt and more!

Need a professional finish to your seams? Visit our Stanley A. Milner Library where our Brother 3534DT Overlock Machine will give your projects that polished finish you’ve been looking for.

Fab Lab Services & Equipment

keychains cut with a laser cutter

Laser Cutting

Discover endless possibilities with our laser cutter, where your digital designs come to life as functional and artistic masterpieces. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn or a passionate hobbyist seeking new creative avenues, EPL's laser cutter service is tailored to meet your needs and ignite your imagination.

Makerspace Locations

Makerspace - Locations

Abbottsfield - Penny McKee Makerspace

Our Abbottsfield Branch features a 3D printer, creative computer software, digital conversion, sewing and vinyl cutting services.

Al & Fran Olson Children's Makerspace

The Children’s Makerspace provides everything kids need to play, tinker, explore, learn, create and share.

Capilano Makerspace

Our Capilano Branch features a small but mighty Makerspace to help community members bring their creative ideas to life!

Makerspace - Locations

Londonderry Makerspace

Our Londonderry Branch features computer workstations and makerspace equipment to support learning and creating.

Milner Makerspace

EPL's Makerspace offers access to recording studios, creative computers, 3D printing, laser cutting, sewing machines, book making and more!

Whitemud Crossing Recording Studio

Our Whitemud Crossing Branch features a recording studio with instruments you can borrow. Book a booth now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Makerspace - FAQs

  • For any questions, you can reach the EPL Makerspace staff at:

  • Yes, there are Makerspace Assistants on hand at all times. The Assistants aren’t experts on everything; however, they are there to help and learn things together.

  • Yes—booking computers and equipment requires a library card. EPL resident cards, post-secondary L-Pass, Metro and TAL cards are all accepted.

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