EPL Makerspace

Ready. Set. Make!

The EPL Makerspace is located at the Stanley A. Milner Library and is open during regular branch hours. The Makerspace offers incredible technology and equipment for the public to create on.

Equipment such as 3D Printers, Espresso Book Machine, creative workstations (PC’s & Mac’s), digital conversion hardware, gaming consoles, a green screen, and a sound booths are all available to use in the EPL Makerspace area.

The Makerspace is also home to the first Canadian library Global littleBits chapter that you can sign up to join

Come in today to create and learn with our Makerspace staff. What will you make?   Request a tour!



What is the EPL Makerspace?
The EPL Makerspace is a creative and collaborative environment where ideas are shared. You can come in and print your own book, design a website, convert old VHS tapes to DVD’s, or play some XBOX. The sky is the limit on what you’ll be able to create.

Do you need a library card to use the space or the computers? 
No, the space is open to the public to use.

Will someone be able to help with projects? 
Yes, there will be Makerspace Assistants on hand at all times. The Assistants aren’t experts on everything; however, they are there to help and learn things together.

Can my class or group get a tour of the space?
Staff are on-hand to talk about the space and answer questions anytime, or   You can request a Makerspace Tour! *Please note that we will require a minimum one-week advance notice for tour bookings.

How can I contact the staff at the EPL Makerspace? 
For any questions, you can reach the EPL Makerspace staff at: makerspace@epl.ca or 780-944-5342. *We will try to respond to your message within 2-3 days.

3D Printers

I really want to try the 3D Printer but don’t know where to start. Do you have any recommendations on where to get started?
The best place to start is with Tinkercad (https://tinkercad.com/) a web platform with free accounts designed to help people learn basic modeling with preset shapes. Tinkercad is very friendly, fun, and has easy tutorials!

Is there a charge for using the 3D printer?
Yes, we charge $0.10 per gram of filament. For example if your final product weighed 30 grams, you would be charged $3.00. We can estimate how much a model will weigh before printing.

How long does it take?
Each object takes somewhere between 15 minutes and 24 hours to print. The time depends on how large the object is, whether it is enclosed or hollow, how thick the walls are, and many other factors. Our 3D printers are very popular and our current wait time for 3D printing is approx. 10 days.

What type of 3D printer do you have?
The printers are made by Machina. We have the X16 and X24 Pro models.
The maximum print height on the X16 is 125mm and on the X24 it is 265mm
and the print bed is 200mm x 190 mm. Both printers have .4mm nozzles.

         What type of file formats does the printer accept?
         Typically we print .stl files, though we can also work with OBJ files as well.

What kind of material is used for printing?
EPL currently prints with Ultimachine PLA - a non-toxic and biodegradable plastic. Please note that 3D printed items printed at EPL are not considered safe for use with food or drinks.

Which colours are available?
We currently offer silver, blue, green, yellow, pink (out of stock), translucent ruby red, orange, translucent blue, translucent purple, purple, white, red, black, gold, translucent, glow-in-the-dark (not shown) and natural wood (not shown). We can only print in one colour per object.

How do I submit a file for printing? 
You can bring your file on a USB stick to the Makerspace or email it to us at makerspace@epl.ca. Remember to include your colour choice in the email!

Book Printing with the Espresso Book Machine


How do I submit my book to be printed? If you have reviewed the Are You Ready to Print Checklist, you can submit your book online. If you have questions or would like some extra help, drop in to the Makerspace or contact Makerspace staff at makerspace@epl.ca or 780-944-5342. *We will try to respond to your message within 2-3 days.

Is there a charge for using the Espresso Book Machine?
Yes, there is a $5 cover/binding charge and $0.05 per page. This means a 200 page book would cost $15.00. $5 for the binding + $10 for the book pages (200 pages x $0.05).

Do you offer discounts for multiple prints? Since our Espresso Book Machine is intended for printing small quantities, we do not offer volume discounts. If you are interested in printing 50+ copies, we recommend contacting a local printing company for pricing.

What is the turnaround time for printing a book? We ask for at least a week to print a proof copy of the book for your approval and an additional week to print the remaining copies of your order. 

Do you have to print a proof copy before you print the full run of books? We will always print a proof copy before printing the full run of books, unless you tell us not to. We recommend having a proof copy printed, but if you are in a rush or if you have printed your book with us before, let us know in an email or in the comment box of the online submission form.   

Can you print in colour? Covers can be printed in colour on matte or glossy cardstock. The interior pages of the book, however, will be printed in greyscale.

What do I need to print my own book? - Here are several documents that you can use to get your book ready to be printed:

Submit Your Book Online

The following equipment is currently available for use in the EPL Makerspace:

  1. Two sound booths (one large, one small) - containing microphone, monitors, inputs, guitars, bass and amp.
  2. Digital Conversion Area  -
    1. Two flat bed scanners (max. size 11 x 17)
    2.  VHS to DVD/USB converter
  3. Two gaming consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and two gaming PCs.
  4.  4 iMac and 4 Win 8 PCs with specialized software. See full list of software below.
  5. Electric keyboard including Novation Launchkey Mini 25 Keyboards and beat boxes with headphones – plus music editing software on computers
  6. Projector, projector screen, green screen wall, lighting kit, video camera,   digital camera – plus video editing software on the computers
  7. Lego Mindstorm Robotics, MaKey MaKey, Arduino Uno, Snap-Circuits and LittleBits kits
  8. Finch Robots which support different programming languages
  9. Nikon 3200 DSLR Camera
  10. Raspberry Pi Computer Kits (also available to be borrowed at all EPL locations)
  11. Oculus Rift Development Kit v2


Computer Software Available:

  1. Ableton Live 9 Standard Sound, recording and editing (PC, Mac)
  2. Arduino Developer Tool Kit (PC, Mac)
  3. Blender, 3D computer graphics, creation (PC, Mac)
  4. Kodu Game Lab, game design (PC)
  5. FL Studio fruity edition, music (PC)
  6. Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium, (PC, Mac)
  7. Audacity, Sound Recording (PC, Mac)
  8. Dropbox Client   Storage (PC, Mac)
  9. GIMP with UFRaw plugin, Photos (PC, Mac)
  10. Handbrake, Video conversion (PC, Mac)
  11. Inkscape, Illustration (PC, Mac)
  12. Inform 7, Game design (PC, Mac)
  13. Microsoft Office 2010 Standard (excluding Outlook) (PC, Mac)
  14. MinecraftEDU, gameplay (PC, Mac)
  15. OpenSCAD, modeling (PC, Mac)
  16. Python 3.3.2, programming (PC, Mac)
  17. SketchUp Make 2013, modeling (PC, Mac)
  18. Twine, game design (PC, Mac)
  19. VideoLAN Player, video playback (PC, Mac)
  20. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, video \ sound conversion (PC, 
  21. Notepad++, coding (PC, Mac)
  22. Filezilla, file transfer (PC, Mac)
  23. Anime Studio Pro Illustration (PC, Mac)
  24. Manga Studio 5  Illustration (PC, Mac)
  25. Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Green Screen Projects

The River City Zombie Committee took some creepy photos using the Makerspace green screen.


In December a group of cosplayers came into the Makerspace and used the green screen to photograph the costumes that they created. The photos were taken by Richard Gagne. In the photos are Katie Hockin and Natasha Iwashkiw is Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.


In August, Josh Newmann and his fiancee came into the Makerspace to use the green screen for a short movie that they were filming for their wedding. The video introduced the bride (the evil "Bond Girl" in a blue dress) and groom (Bond), and the rest of the wedding party to their guests.


Guest Speakers/Special Guests

Some Edmonton Oil Kings players stopped by the Makerspace and tried out some of the equipment like the gaming consoles and the Oculus Rift.


On Sunday, April 13, EPL's Writer in Residence Jason Lee Norman hosted a Writers' Corner workshop with BioWare writers Luke Kristjanson and Sylvia Feketekuty. Close to 200 people listened to Luke and Sylvia talk about writing for such video game hits like Mass Effect 2 & 3 and the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition. Photo courtesy of Sandra Der.



Espresso Book Machine Projects

The Espresso Book Machine was mentioned on the UofA Design Student Facebook page and two of the Visual Communication Design Students got so excited about it that they decided they needed to write and print a book immediately! Since their classes ended the day before, they found themselves with quite a bit of free time and spent the next 24 hours writing a book called "Newly Opened Restraurant". Once they finished wiriting the book they raced down to the EPL Makerspace to print it. Here's a video that they shared with us of them printing their book.


3D Printer Projects

March 2015 - Makerspace employee Connie Yuen and her brother Shun Yuen created a 3D model of Totoro using Blender CAD software. They are going to make them into chocolate molds.  Make your favourite characters come to life with 3D printing at the Makerspace!

Totoro Blender SketchesTotoro Print Side ViewTotoro Front Side View

December 2014 - Gabe Molnar recently used the 3D printer to print a new bridge for his banjo. Gabe had this to say about the the bridge:

Thank you guys so much for the banjo bridge it works excellently. I have to do a couple comparisons but it seems to even be a superior bridge to conventional ebony capped wooden bridges, with better sustain and resonance transfer. 

April 2014 - Colin Peart was able to create his own 3D printer by printing parts for his version using the 3D printer in the EPL Makerspace. The project took a few weeks of hard work to complete and after combining the printed pieces with the electronics and hardware Colin is happy to report that he has a functioning 3D printer.


March 2014 - The EPL Makerspace team helped print a gorgeous 8" high dark gold sculpture by local artist Keith Turnbull. The model was created using smart-phone app called 123D Catch by Autodesk with the help of Alberta Sculpture Association President Robert Woodbury. Keith and Robert set-up a little photo studio where they captured 40 High Definition photos of the 22" high clay sculpture using Roberts i-phone. They then uploaded their images to the cloud where a 3D image was generated by the app. Robert cleaned-up the model in MeshLab and sent it to the Makerspace.


Gabe, who is 11 years old, recreated Dr. Who's Tardis, designing it from scratch using Tinkercad. The results are impressive, and he was really pleased with how little details printed (including the word Tardis and the door handles).


Public Domain Content

If you are looking for content to use for mash-ups or just to play with while you are using some of the tools in the makerspace. You might enjoy using public domain works. These are works that either have no copyright restrictions or the copyright has been set to be public domain by the copyright holder.

Public domain content is great for makerspace projects, but if you intend to use the final product commercially be sure to check the sites usage restrictions first. 


Rijks Museum - https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/rijksstudio

Digital Public Library of America – http://www.dp.la

Flickr: The Commons - http://www.flickr.com/commons

The Getty Museum - http://www.getty.edu/art/

The Apollo Archive - http://www.apolloarchive.com/apollo_gallery.html

The British Library - www.bl.uk/

US National Archives - http://www.archives.gov/


Free Music Archive – http:///www.freemusicarchive.org

Free Sound - www.freesound.org


Europeana.eu - http://europeana.eu/

Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Public Domain Blogs

Public Domain Review - http://publicdomainreview.org/

Open Culture - http://www.openculture.com/

Tech Help

Have a tech question?

The Makerspace provides a community learning space for you to learn about digital technology tools and share what you know with others! Currently our space focuses primarily on digital tools and services such as 3D design/printing, book printing, video and audio recording or editing, green screen, digital conversion, gaming, robotics, electronic modules, programming, etc.

To learn about topics like computer basics, email, iPads, eBooks, eReaders, databases, catalogues, etc. please try some of our other EPL services:

Library Staff - Front Desk  
Ask one of our library staff about your tech questions! 

epl.ca (Online Courses)
Visit http://www.epl.ca/digital-content/elearning for a wide variety of free online courses and tutorials on beginner to advanced computing topics (e.g. Lynda.com and Gale courses)