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Capital City Press is a gathering place, both digitally and physically, for the exchange of ideas and education on the craft of writing. It gives EPL the opportunity to showcase and promote notable work from within our community, while also giving Edmontonians a chance to discover fantastic local writers and discuss their creations. Capital City Press aims to help support and grow writing in the community.

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Tyler Gajda

Tyler is a writer, video producer, and comedian. She is the founder of Fourth Wall Creations through which she has produced over 400 videos, including the Dungeons & Dragons inspired sitcom The Playgroup, the Let’s Play series Last Play, and the video game essay series Deep Dive. She recently self-published her first novel, Iyeri's Blood, a young adult fantasy novel.

Tyler graduated in 2012 from the University of Alberta with a major in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. After graduating, she volunteered with the Writers’ Guild of Alberta’s Young Writers’ Committee, where she helped young writers continue their hobby into adulthood.

She currently works as the Senior Data Administrator for Boyle Street Community Services, developing data management systems and reporting infrastructure. She spends her nights curling, playing all sorts of board and roleplaying games, and cooking meals a goblin would enjoy.

Be sure to check out Tyler's Read It Again list which features some of her favourite books (and a video game) that she likes to go back and revisit.

Rhonda Parrish
David Berry

Past Featured Writers

Capital City Press Anthology


The Capital City Press Anthology is a new project from the Edmonton Public Library that publishes short stories, non-fiction, and poetry by local authors in a digital format. Our goal is to celebrate the creativity of our city and the Treaty 6 First Nations by providing opportunities for diverse, new, and thought-provoking voices to be heard. Volume 3 of the Anthology was released on June 19, 2023.

Capital City Press Anthology Podcast

The second volume of the Capital City Press Anthology is now available! New episodes are available bi-weekly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Season Two Episode Ten includes Floricane and What We Learned from Baby Birds by Caitlin Opdendries, Heat Wave by Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, On Slicing a Mango One Midday by Uchechukwu Umezurike, November by Ann Sutherland, and To Anchor by Rayanne Haines.

Season Two Episode Nine includes English (Mutilated) by Orekogbe Moyosoreoluwa, Scheherazade's Oath by Makda Mulatu, and Of Microaggressions, Small Mercies and Big Miracles by Muno Osman.

Season Two Episode Eight includes Borderlines, My Early Education by Anna Mioduchowska, An Unnecessary Dialogue by Alexander Shay, and Arrival by Makda Mulatu.

Season Two Episode Seven includes Teddy Sleap by Maryleah de Zwart, Leaving Toronto by Chanel Klein, and Of Halloweens and Sewing Machines by Ewa Kolacz.

Season Two Episode Six includes Mange by Travis Grant, His Favourites by Desiree Kendrick, and Rue by Louise Fairley.

Season Two Episode Five includes The Power of Seven by Linda Celentano, Two Worlds by Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, Juvie by Louise Fairley, and The Collector by by Elvira Berezowsky.

Season Two Episode Four includes Northern Lights by Bruce Cinnamon, Sign of the Goat by Wei Ling Goh, and the written word spells out in sequence what is quick and implicit in the spoken word by Lucas Warren.

Season Two Episode Three includes Picnic by Jason Young, An Apocalypse of Everyday Proportions by Katherine Weinmann, and Max by Robin James.

Season Two Episode Two features pieces that reflect on the relationships we have with our mothers, the things said and unsaid, the lessons learned. Stories and poems from this week’s episode are from local writers Katherine Koller, Rayanne Haines and Myrna Garanis.

Season Two Episode One includes Ode to a Nemesis by Brenda Gunn, The Water Between by Laura Manuel, and wîcihitowin | paul kane by Meghan Eaker.

Episode Ten includes Take This Noise by Carla Maj, Erased by Ashlynn Chand, Magic Mushrooms by Carleen Marie, and But For Now by Leslea Kroll.

Episode Nine includes Refuge by Yusra, Contactless by Kit Walker, What Happened that One Winter at the Cabin by Brandon Rhiness, and An Open Letter to the Gardener by Aila Faye.

Episode Eight includes Ancestral by Anna Pazakova, Ectopic by Danielle Leailleur, and True North? by Angele Espinaco-Virseda.

Episode Seven includes Winter by Barbara Baer Pillay, The Hurt We Cannot See by Josh Chartrand, A Study in Melancholy by E. Simon, and Gary, My Brother by John Buhler.

Episode Six includes Things I learned from attending seniors' aquafit classes by Alexis KienlenOn God by Katherine Abbass, First Snows by Dolly Cepeda Montufar, and niskipîsim by Skye Haggerty.

Episode Five includes Curly Girly by Julie Marko, Saini by Rekha Kiran Poudel, By a Thread by Kelsey Jones, and three in the morning by Feven Worede.

Episode Four includes Thrall by Hannah Brown, Birthmark by Jennifer Bowering Delisle, and Sunrise from the perspective of a decaying skyscraper by Kyra Cusveller.

Episode Three includes Memories of YEG by Karen Hubbard, Little Boys Shop for that Perfect Present by Lori Kempf Bosko, Bibliotherapy by Lauren Seal and Home's Best by Zach Polis.

Episode Two includes When Books Burn by Dianne HarkeMy Family's Garden by Medina Assiff, and The Empty Chair by T. A. Hunchak.

Episode One includes Genesis by Rita Espeschit, Short Shelf Life by Carissa HaltonA Perfect Circle of Light by Davis G. See, and Solos Into the Void by Kat Cameron.


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Featured writers will host a variety of programs that are free for the community throughout the year. Annual events include the Capital City Press Book Festival and the Young Writers Conference.  

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Learn how to be a Dungeon Master

Jul 10th | 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Learn the basics of how to run your own tabletop roleplaying game in this workshop from Capital City Press featured writer Tyler Gajda.

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