Book Printing

We bind and print books, too. Whether it’s your latest masterpiece, memoirs or your mother’s cherished recipes, our Espresso Book Machine can handle it.

How do I submit my book to be printed?

First things first. Review the Are You Ready to Print checklist.
All set? You can submit your book online.
Have questions? Need help? Let us know. Visit the Makerspace or contact staff at or 780-944-5342.

Is there a charge for using the Espresso Book Machine?
Yes, we have a $5 cover/binding charge and printing costs $0.05 per page. For example, a 200 page book would cost a total of $15.00 ($5 for binding + $10 for the book pages, or 200 pages at $0.05/each). There will also be a small fee to have the proof of your book printed. Please contact the Makerspace for a quote.

Are there discounts for multiple prints?
Our Espresso Book Machine is for printing small quantities, so we don’t offer volume discounts.

What’s the turnaround time for printing a book?
We request at least a week to print a proof copy of the book for your approval. After that, it takes an additional week to print the remaining copies.

Can you print in colour?
Covers can be printed in colour on matte or glossy cardstock. The interior pages of the book, however, are printed in greyscale.

What do I need to print my own book?
Here are some helpful documents to check out when you’re getting ready to print: