New Presentation of OverDrive Titles in EPL Catalogue

Format Download Buttons Have Changed

Avid eReader fans and eAudiobook listeners with MP3 players may have noticed a recent change in EPL's Catalogue - download buttons for OverDrive titles are no longer showing directly in the catalogue. OverDrive made this change on Wednesday, April 3 as one of the final steps to close down their OverDrive app, which has been replaced by Libby. Keep reading and we'll show you where you can download these titles for transfer to your devices.

Before April 3
 After April 3
A screenshot shows the ebook Bird Brain and its download button options in the EPL catalogue prior to April 3 A screenshot from the EPL catalogue shows the loan for the ebook of Hotline by Dimitri Nasrallah

Two Ways to Download

Once you've checked out your eBook or eAudiobook inside EPL's Catalogue, the next step depends on the format you selected. Note that the second method also works for eBooks if you use both an eReader and an MP3 player regularly.

Method 1: eBooks - Use the Web-Based Version of OverDrive's Libby App.

1. Access your Libby Shelf.

2. For the title you wish to download, select Manage Loan...

3. Select Read With... and choose the preferred format.

Libby Shelf Manage Loan Read With...
A screenshot showing the Libby shelf and an example ebook Hotline by Dimitri Nasrallah are shown with the interface options to open, manage the loan as well as the days left and the date of borrow. A screenshot from the Libby app of a loan for the ebook of the book Hotline shows the format fulfillment options that appear when someone selects the Read With menu option.

Once you select your preferred format, the .ascm (Adobe ePub) or .epub (Open ePub) or other formats will start to download in your browser. The file can then be imported into Adobe Digital Editions as usual for transfer to your device.

Method 2: eAudiobooks - Use the Web-Based Version of OverDrive:

1. Access your Loans under My account.

2. Expand the OverDrive for Windows/Mac link to view downloadable eAudiobook formats.

Note from OverDrive: MP3 downloads are only available to users who already have the legacy OverDrive for Mac or Windows software installed on their desktop. New installations of this software are no longer supported.

My Account - Loans Expanded the Overdrive for Mac/Windows link
The screenshot from the Overdrive website shows the fulfillment options of listening in the browser, getting the Libby app, or downloading the MP3 via Overdrive for Mac/Windows A screenshot shows the expanded MP3 download button within the Overdrive classic website for an audiobook

We hope these tips help you continue your eReading and eListening journey!

Still need some assistance?

Contact EPL - we're happy to help and can assist you most effectively when you include:

  • Name of the title.
  • Your library card number.
  • Name and model of the device you are trying to read or listen with.