Explore Diverse Canadian Content

Unlocking Canadian Treasures at EPL 

EPL is your gateway to a vast array of Canadian content. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through the diverse collections and resources available at EPL, showcasing the richness of Canadian culture in literature, music, and digital media. 

Prairie Indigenous eBook Collection 

Discovering Indigenous Literature 

EPL proudly hosts the Prairie Indigenous eBook Collection, a curated selection of literature by Indigenous authors from the prairies and beyond. These eBooks explore works by acclaimed authors such as Richard Van Camp, Eden Robinson and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. Delve into themes of identity, resilience and reconciliation through stories that resonate with authenticity and depth. 

Accessing the Collection 

Accessing the Prairie Indigenous eBook Collection is simple with your EPL library card. Visit the Library's digital platform, login and start exploring these powerful narratives today. 

Read Alberta Collection 

The Essence of Alberta Literature 

The Read Alberta Collection celebrates the rich literary heritage of Alberta, showcasing the voices of local authors and storytellers. From sweeping sagas set against the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies to intimate portrayals of prairie life, these books capture the essence of Alberta's diverse landscapes and communities. 

Spotlight on Alberta Authors 

Discover works by Alberta-based authors such as Aritha van Herk, Fred Stenson, and Marina Endicott. Whether you're a fan of historical fiction, contemporary drama, or poetic reflections, the Read Alberta Collection offers something for every literary taste. 

Borrowing from the Collection 

Borrowing eBooks from the Read Alberta Collection is free and easy for EPL members. Simply log in to the Library's digital platform, browse the collection, and start reading from the comfort of your home or on the go. 

Capital City Records 

The Sound of Edmonton

Experience the pulse of Edmonton's vibrant music scene with Capital City Records, EPL's digital collection of local music. From indie rock to hip-hop, folk to electronic, this eclectic archive showcases the talent and creativity of Edmonton's musical community. 

Local Artists in the Spotlight 

Immerse yourself in the sounds of Edmonton with albums by local artists such as Nuela Charles, Striker, and 100 Mile House. Whether you're discovering new favourites or revisiting classic tracks, Capital City Records offers a dynamic playlist of Edmonton's musical landscape. 

How to Listen 

Stream music from Capital City Records for free with your EPL library card. Explore curated playlists, discover emerging artists, and support Edmonton's music scene from the comfort of your own home. 

Exploring Canadian Content on EPL's Digital Platforms 

Beyond the Shelves 

In addition to its vast collection of physical and digital media, EPL provides access to a wealth of online resources that delve into Canadian culture, business, and news. 

CBC Corner 

Access a treasure trove of Canadian programming with CBC Corner, offering a diverse range of radio shows, podcasts, and documentaries that capture the essence of Canadian identity and storytelling. 

Globe & Mail 

Stay up to date with the latest Canadian news and analysis through EPL's subscription to the Globe & Mail. From politics to business, arts to sports, gain insights into the issues shaping Canada and the world. 

National Film Board 

Journey through the history of Canadian cinema with the National Film Board's extensive collection of documentaries, animations, and short films that include groundbreaking works of fiction and intimate portraits of Canadian life.  

Embrace the Richness of Canadian Culture at EPL 

Whether you're seeking Indigenous perspectives, Alberta stories, or the sounds of Edmonton, EPL is your portal to a world of Canadian culture waiting to be discovered. Visit us online or in-person to embark on your next literary, musical or digital adventure.