Kanopy’s November 2023 Update

Starting Wednesday, Nov. 1, EPL's video streaming service provider Kanopy is updating how customers access TV series, films and Great Courses.

In Kanopy's new ticket system, EPL's customers will receive 30 tickets each month. This system replaces the credit system previously in use but the service is still completely free to access with your library card.

Under the new ticket system, films, TV series and Great Courses will have different ticket costs depending on factors like the length of the program, the publisher, and the viewing period.

  • Short films (30 minutes or less) will cost one ticket with a viewing period of three days.
  • TV series, films, and Great Courses will scale between two to five tickets and will have viewing periods of 3 – 21 days depending on length and publisher.      
    • Many BBC series will update to seven-day viewing periods.
  • Major studio movies (blockbusters) will be four credits for two days.

The ticket cost and viewing period for each title will be displayed prominently on title pages, and Kanopy will display the remaining tickets available in the top right of the app.

After starting a video, customers can watch it as many times as they'd like within the viewing period without using more tickets.

Titles from Kanopy Kids will not have a ticket cost and Kanopy will continue to provide ticket-free titles each month.

Kanopy's new ticket system will appear on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023. Reach out to EPL with any questions or leave a comment below.

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