Libby’s “Lucky Day” eBooks and eAudiobooks

Looking for something new to check out… right now!?

EPL’s Libby app (by Overdrive) offers the “Lucky Day” collection, an express collection offering seven-day loans of new and popular titles with no waitlists.

Did you see something interesting in Lucky Day, but missed it? When all copies of a particular title are in use, you can still join a waitlist for a title you’re interested in by placing a hold. For “Lucky Day” titles, there’s a chance that you might be offered a surprise “skip-the-line” seven-day loan from the Lucky Day Collection.

Best ways to access EPL’s Lucky Day

  1. The Libby App on iOS or Android or Amazon – you can usually find Lucky Day titles at the top of the app’s Library tab.
  2. The Libby App in your browser
  3. Overdrive Classic on the Web – easily browse the Lucky Day collection.

Brand new to Libby or been a while? EPL offers a getting started video guide or check out this visual overview from Overdrive.

Instantly look for available eBooks or eAudiobooks

EPL has created a rich collection of amazing titles in Libby for you, but it’s not always obvious how to find newer titles and hidden gems ready to check out right now!

Keyword titles or author searches will bring back results for a title or related titles if you have something specific in mind. What if you just want to browse around for a quick borrow?

Subject searches can be filtered by availability and sorted by date added – this narrows your search to a specific area (e.g., nonfiction) allowing you to find our newest ready-to-borrow titles quickly. Try it out!

Step 1: Narrow down your options with the subject filter.

Step 2: Select the green tornado shape (the filter control) to see the sort and further filtering options.

Step 3: Add the "Available Now" filter to only see available titles and sort by "Date added" to see the recent titles added to our collection in this area.

Additional subject filters can be added to narrow things down even more based on your tastes and interest.

We hope these tips help Edmontonians find something great and unexpected to read or to listen to sometime soon!