Cottagecore: What is it and How to Get Started

What does a Saturday in 2020 look like? Maybe you feed your sourdough starter, spend some time working on your embroidery and then, if the weather’s nice, enjoy the afternoon reading in the garden while listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore. If this sounds a lot more ideal than what you expected during a global pandemic, it might be time to explore cottagecore 

The term cottagecore originated in 2008 on the social media platform Tumblr, opens a new window as an easy way to capture a certain aesthetic or feel. Cottagecore celebrates a return to traditional arts and skills like foraging, baking and knitting. It’s cozy sweaters and fairytale cottages. It’s The Secret Garden and the Adventures of Frog and ToadIt’s doilies and Beatrix Potter illustrations.  

And as more and more people spend more time at home, it’s become an entire subculture that has dominated the pandemic. You may have even been a part of the cottagecore movement without even realizing it! There was a reason flour and yeast was so hard to find earlier this year.  

Cottagecore is not just a fairytale look and feel, though. At its core (see what I did there?)cottagecore promotes some very sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Gardening, foraging and making your own clothes are all a part of the cottagecore aesthetic 

Intrigued? Join us for our Life Skills Sustainable Kitchen series, to get started baking, canning and composting. It’s a great way to dip your toes in the cottagecore culture and learn some new skills.  

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