Binge with Kanopy

We all love to binge watch and now you can do it for free with your library card! We’re excited to share Kanopy’s latest collection offerings, Bingeable Shows and Kanopy PLUS Easy Watching and get this, Kanopy PLUS is credit free!

These two new collections will help stretch and save your Kanopy play credits. That means more movies and shows to watch!

Bingeable Shows Collection

How does it work?

Kanopy offers bingeable television shows. One play credit will give you a 48-hour or 72-hour period to watch a full season of a bingeable television show. This means that the bingeable titles do not have the same loan periods due to licensing agreements.

How to find this collection?

You can find a dedicated shelf on Kanopy’s homepage called Bingeable Shows. This shelf will feature bingeable titles from BBC Studios, Shout Factory, A&E, The History Channel and more. To find more bingeable BBC television shows, look for the shelf British Television From BBC. 

BBC Studios

One play credit gives you 48 hours to watch a full season of a BBC television show such as Mrs. Brown or Death in Paradise. You can browse titles from the shelf labelled British Television From BBC on Kanopy’s homepage.

Kanopy PLUS Easy Watching (Credit Free Collection)

How does it work?

The Kanopy PLUS Easy Watching – Credit Free collection is also available on Kanopy. The easiest way to access this collection is through Kanpy's homepage. There is a dedicated shelf that allows you to view titles in this credit-free collection. There are approximately 250 films and you have unlimited, simultaneous access to all the titles. So you can keep on watching and never hit your Kanopy credit limit.

What titles are in this collection?

The Kanopy PLUS Easy Watching – Credit Free collection includes titles that are fun, charming and family friendly. There are movies, television shows and documentaries. Look for titles such as La tête en friche (My Afternoons with Margueritte), Charade, Life Animated, Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Christmas in the Rockies. This collection will be updated regularly so make sure to check back for new and fun titles to watch.

How to find this collection?

If you scroll down the homepage, look for the Kanopy PLUS Easy Watching – Credit Free collection. If you click on the heading, Kanopy PLUS Easy Watching – Credit Free, you will be able to see all the shows and movies that you can start watching.

Can't wait to start streaming? Get going and check out Kanopy and all the collections that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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