Andre Picard’s Book Recommendations

Andre Picard, opens a new window is a health reporter and columnist for The Globe and Mail who has been honored for his dedication to improving healthcare. He was named Canada's first "Public Health Hero" by the Canadian Public Health Association and as a "Champion of Mental Health"  by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health.

He has personally selected the following titles before his upcoming Forward Thinking Speaker Series event, opens a new window on May 15th.

The Careless Society by John McKnight

"McKnight opened my eyes to what "community" means and why it's important. I found this quote inspirational: " To some people, community is a feeling, to some people it's relationships," but ultimately, he says, "Community is a place where people prevail.""

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe

"The runner/race has always been a metaphor for overcoming an obstacle. But in this book, running becomes a political act - the narrator running away from the society he's trapped in and, ultimately, a way for him to assert his independence. As a runner, and an independent thinker, I like that."

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

"This classic novel is ultimately about the destructive power of loneliness and rejection. Victor creates a creature because he is isolated and alone; that creature, Frankenstein, is rejected by others because of the way he looks. They both become monsters - monsters created by society. The story is a metaphor for how we treat the marginalized in society - people with disabilities, the homeless and the poor. It's also a reminder to not judge people superficially."

Tickets are now available for Andre Picard - "Hello, How are You?": Combatting Urban Isolation, opens a new window on May 15th at the Chateau Lacombe.