Free Digital Music at EPL

Discover Edmonton Public Library’s digital collection of music resources. We have a variety of genres for your listening pleasure including classical, pop, heavy metal, spoken word, folk and blues. Find local music, online courses, classical music scores, gig posters and music performances! Check out some of our favourite online music resources you can access for free with your library card.  

Online Music Resources

Capital City Records

Stream and download from a growing collection of albums by Edmonton’s local music scene. Our expanded collection features over 85 new artists! Find information about legends of the Edmonton music scene, listen to playlists, check out the archive of gig posters and more!

Gale Courses

Take a free six-week online course through Gale Courses. Learn how to play guitar, get a certificate in music therapy and sound healing, or increase your music theory 

LinkedIn Learning

Find courses in music theory, songwriting, music production, music law and business. Essentials and in-depth courses are available on music production software such as GarageBand, Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Cubase. 


Mazaam is a musical education game supporting childhood development through play and classical music. Children will have fun learning about music through Mazaam. Mazaam the Conductor guides children through the five worlds of Pitch, Tempo, Intensity, Timbre and Harmony. 

Music Online

Access over 53,000 titles and 1.3 million pages of the most important scores in classical music. Find musical scores of artists from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, including Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Kaija Saariaho and John Tavener. 

Naxos Music Jazz

Over 10 million tracks, covering classical, jazz, world, American and popular music, are available to stream through Music Online: Listening. 

Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music Jazz offers a comprehensive online collection of jazz music with over 260,000 tracks. Find music from over 32,000 artists such as Billie Holiday, Thelonious Monk, Glen Miller, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Andre 3000 and Sun Ra. 

Naxos Music Library World

Naxos Music Library offers a wide variety of music genres including classical, folk, blues, Chinese, pop, heavy metal and new age music to stream. Naxos has a robust music collection that houses over 125,000 albums and almost 3 million tracks to stream! Are you looking for music to set the mood? Find playlists created by Naxos such as Animals in Music, Battles and Fights, Love Scenes in Music and Study Time. You can also find learning resources for classical music and opera.  

Naxos Spoken Word Library

Access thousands of titles featuring bestsellers and literature instantly without placing holds. You’ll find streaming audiobooks that include novels, plays and poetry. You can find educational resources to increase your music theory or learn to play an instrument by ear. 

Naxos Video Library

Stream classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts and documentaries through Naxos Video Library. 

Naxos Works Database

Stream classical music performances, opera, ballet, live concerts and documentaries through Naxos Video Library. 

Your Musical Journey with EPL

EPL's digital music resources offer something for every music lover. Dive into local music with Capital City Records, improve your skills with Gale Courses and LinkedIn Learning, or explore Naxos Music Libraries' extensive collections. From classical scores and jazz classics to global sounds and educational games like Mazaam, all this and more is accessible for free with your library card. Start exploring today and let EPL be your gateway to a world of musical discovery!