Fresh Finds

Experience the joy of reading at the Stanley A. Milner Library with Fresh Finds. This unique initiative offers a handpicked collection of book recommendations by distinguished Edmontonians including Timothy Caulfield, Victor Cui, Tara McCarthy, J’Lyn Nye, Nôhkom Jo-Ann Saddleback and Teresa Spinelli. Immerse yourself in their curated selections to unlock inspiration and be captivated by the magic of literature. Let Fresh Finds enhance your reading journey as you dive into the pages and uncover a world of discovery within these thoughtfully chosen books. 

Discover the Voices Behind Fresh Finds 

Delve deeper into the intriguing personalities and literary preferences of our Fresh Find contributors as they share their motivations behind their chosen booklists. 

Timothy Caulfield 

Timothy Caulfield, a prominent figure in health law and policy, has devoted his career to unravelling the complex connections between science, celebrity culture and public health. His book selections mirror his interdisciplinary approach, offering readers insightful perspectives on a wide array of topics. When describing his curated list, Timothy said, "These selections entertained, informed and inspired me!". Through his choices, readers are invited to engage with the world through diverse lenses, challenging preconceived notions and expanding horizons. 




Victor Cui 

Victor Cui, a visionary leader in the sports industry, shares a booklist that reflects his unique journey from mixed martial arts to the Canadian Football League. "I have always been drawn to biographies and business books due to their profound insights into real-life experiences and strategies," Victor shares. His selections do promise a variety of biographies and insightful books providing helpful business insights, but Victor has proven his diverse literary range as his list also includes a captivating fiction tale that delves into the depths of true love. Through his booklist, readers gain insights into both the strategic and emotional dimensions of Victor's remarkable journey. 





Tara McCarthy 

Tara McCarthy, a seasoned journalist with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, has curated a booklist that resonates with her passion for storytelling. From her time as a reporter in the Yukon to her current role at CBC Radio in Edmonton, Tara's selections are a captivating blend of gripping narratives and thought-provoking tales. "Reading is about unleashing my imagination, absorbing new ideas, building understanding and satisfying a desire for pure entertainment," Tara explains. Her booklist mirrors the diversity of human experiences, much like the stories she has covered throughout her career. 



J’Lyn Nye 

J’Lyn Nye, a celebrated journalist with an illustrious career spanning both television and radio, is known for her exceptional storytelling skills. Her documentary "Return to Normandy" garnered her a prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, a testament to her prowess in uncovering the heart of a narrative. J’Lyn's book selections resonate deeply with her, as they encompass a spectrum of emotions and perspectives. "These selections have made me laugh and cry, sit in total wonderment and infuriated me," she shares. "Like old friends, they are honest, inspiring and a reflection of the world we live in." 





Jo-Ann Saddleback 

Nôhkom Jo-Ann Saddleback, a proud member of the Saddle Lake Cree First Nation, brings a wealth of experience as a community developer and advocate. Her booklist echoes her commitment to fostering connections and understanding among diverse communities. "Come, let me share with you the stories that helped me to discover and expand my connection with the World and the wonderfully diverse people in it," she invites. Jo-Ann's selections delve into the intricate tapestry of human experience, inviting readers to explore the world through her discerning eyes. 



Teresa Spinelli 

Teresa Spinelli, a trailblazing entrepreneur and driving force behind Edmonton's Italian Centre Shop, has a profound appreciation for the bonds formed over shared meals. Her booklist is a celebration of good food, authenticity and the joy of cooking together. "Good food is easy. Cooking together and eating together really form bonds," Teresa remarks. Her selections are a testament to the power of culinary experiences, offering readers the opportunity to create their own meaningful connections through the joy of food. 





Embrace the Pages, Embrace the Stories

These influential Edmontonians have generously shared their booklists, inviting readers to step into their shoes and relish the tales that have indelibly impacted their lives. Whether you're in pursuit of inspiration, education, or a captivating escape, Fresh Finds offers a literary list that guarantees to captivate and enrich your reading adventure. Visit the Stanley A. Milner Library to view and check out the Fresh Finds books today.