Top 10 “Overdue Finds” of 2023

2023 was a remarkable year for our Overdue Finds podcast. Our hosts, Bryce and Caroline, started an exciting new Top Five series, where they shared their favourite Books, Documentaries, Concerts and Road Trip Songs.

From being on a first-name basis with Elvis, Dolly and Barbie to experiencing the Junos in Edmonton this spring to witnessing local award-winning performing artist, Mallory Chipman, becoming EPL's first Musician-in-Residence. It was a year packed with musical notes and cultural highlights.

Tensions soared with Skinamarink and The Exorcist, which kept us on the edge of our seats, while we got into the TARDIS and celebrated big anniversaries for timeless classics like Doctor Who and Jurassic Park. The Overdue Finds team learned about Voices of the Land, watched the library sitcom Shelved and even ventured into Outer Space! Our amazing journey was nothing short of extraordinary.

Before we wrap up this year and say hello to 2024, we reached out to our past guests to share their own 2023 "Overdue Finds" available to borrow with your library card that you wouldn't want to miss.

Top 2023 “Overdue Finds” From Our Guests

1. Abbot Elementary (Second Season)

“Abbott Elementary is a mockumentary-style sitcom in the same vein as The Office and Parks and Recreation. It stars a group of dedicated and determined teachers working to make the best of their chaotic and less-than-perfect elementary school. Quinta Brunson, who created the show and also writes for and stars in it, pulls no punches. I really appreciate that the series is funny and hopeful, while still showcasing the side effects that come from chronically underfunding schools and education.” – Bethany Arsenault, Collection Strategies Librarian and guest on Episode 141: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Abbott Elementary is available on DVD.

2. dEd by Lights

“Lights is one of my favourite artists, so when I first heard Pep, I was pretty into it, some good songs were on there, but I wasn't gripped by the album until Ded came out. What Ded is, is the exact opposite of Pep, all the way down to the track listing being reversed (The first track on Pep, Beside Myself, is the last track on Ded, for instance) and instead of an up-tempo electropop, is a far more chilled down, smooth version of the songs, with calmer beats and a slow sound that makes the fantastic lyrics stand out even more. It makes for an incredibly relaxing listening experience and fits perfectly when relaxing with a cup of coffee. If you haven't listened to Ded yet, whether you're a fan of Pep or have never listened to it, I highly recommend taking some time and chilling to these great songs.” - Josh Carr, Library Assistant (Capilano) and guest on Episode 135: Garfield

Ded is also available for streaming on hoopla

3. A Haunting in Venice

Kenneth Branagh is back as famed detective Hercule Poirot in this new adaption of Agatha Christie’s A Haunting in Venice. Despite trying to hide away from the world, Poirot finds himself at a Halloween séance at the Venetian palazzo of a famous opera singer. Everyone seems to have a secret; can Poirot figure it all out before it’s too late? The all-star cast includes Tina Fey, Jamie Dornan and Michelle Yeoh.” – Caroline Land, Associate Manager (Whitemud Crossing) and co-host of Episode 142: Books We Read in School

A Haunting in Venice is available on DVD.

4. The Last Tale of the Flower Bride by Roshani Chokshi

“Gorgeous, sumptuous prose leads this gender-flipped retelling of the Bluebeard fairy tale. A man marries a beautiful heiress who may or may not be a murderer. Meanwhile, two girls test the boundaries between dreamworld and reality. I got sucked into this book and didn’t want to climb out of it.” – Nancy Sheng, Manager (Shelley Milner Children’s Library) and guest on Episode 151: Best of 2023.

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride is also available as an eBook and as a downloadable audiobook.

5. Murderabilia: A History of Crime in 100 Objects by Harold Schechter

“Delve into the world of historical true crime through objects and interesting anecdotes in Murderabilia. Great for someone interested in true crime and is looking for a quick touchstone and an intriguing story; worth delving through the library catalogue for material on the case or to check if their favourite podcast has an episode.” – Michael Lauritsen, Page (Mill Woods) and guest on Episode 150: Die Hard.

6. Resident Evil 4 (Remake)

“Resident Evil 4 originally came out in 2005 and is generally considered to be one of the best video games ever made. In 2023, Capcom did a from-the-ground-up remake of this classic and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. They managed to keep all the stuff that made the original so memorable (lots of creepy enemies, perfect controls) and revamped other aspects so it fits in beautifully with other releases from this year.” – Mike Eaton, Library Assistant (Calder) and guest on Episode 129: Best Villain March Madness Preview

Resident Evil is also available on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5).

7. She-Hulk by Rainbow Rowell

“Rainbow Rowell's recent run of She-Hulk comics has been a delight to read in 2023. The comics include a few of my favourite things: supportive friendships between women, a swoon-worthy romance and some fun superhero action sequences. Volumes 2 and 3 came out in 2023 but you'll want to start with Volume 1.” - Beth Kilfoy, Collections Librarian and guest on Episode 128: Great Romances

All three volumes of She-Hulk are available to borrow instantly on Hoopla.

8. Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane

“Lehane is an expert at building richly atmospheric novels set in his hometown of Boston - both Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone have been adapted into popular films - and Small Mercies is no exception. When Mary-Pat Fennessey's 17-year-old daughter disappears unexpectedly, she frantically uses all her non-police community connections to bring her home. At the same time, Boston is besieged by anti-busing and racism that all complicate the search. The result is a page-turning historical fiction, mystery and literary masterpiece that builds to a climax you won't soon forget.” – Kyle Marshall, Manager (Calder) and guest on Bonus Episode: Kyle Marshall’s Jeopardy Experience

Small Merciesis also available as an eBook, in Large Print, as an audiobook on CD and as a downloadable audiobook.

9. Someone You Know by Catherine Fogarty

“For fans of true crime, this is an amazing compilation! Catherine Fogarty hosts the Story Hunter Podcasts and her reenactments of these chilling Canadian crime stories will keep you turning the pages. Some of these cases may be familiar to some and some are long-forgotten stories that younger generations may not be familiar with (myself included!). Warning: You may be led down endless rabbit holes, researching the cases after reading about them!” – Christy Travis, Community Librarian (Calder) and guest on Episode 140: Barbie.

Someone You Know is also available as an eBook and as a downloadable audiobook

10. The Warden by Daniel M. Ford

“Aspiring young adult necromancer and new graduate Aelis gets chewed up by court intrigue and spit out into the remote village of Lone Pine. A fish-out-of-water at first, Aelis builds the trust of eccentric villagers by helping out with – yikes – farm chores! When uncharacteristic violence rocks the sleepy village, Aelis begins to suspect that a greater evil is on the move. Recommended for fans of The Library of the Dead by T.L. Huchu, The Unspoken Name by A.K. Larkwood and The Witch King by Martha Wells.” – Holly Arnason, Collection Discovery Librarian and guest on Episode 134: Star Wars.

The Warden is also available as a downloadable audiobook.

Thank You for a Memorable Year

That's a wrap on another incredible Overdue Finds year. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our listeners for being part of our community. We can't wait to share more stories, laughs and Overdue Finds with you in the coming year! Wishing you all a joyous holiday season!