EPL COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Policy

Throughout this pandemic, the health and safety of the Edmonton Public Library’s (EPL) staff and customers has been, and continues to be, EPL’s foremost priority. Health authorities have emphasized that vaccination remains the most powerful tool in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The results of EPL staff’s vaccination disclosures are excellent, indicating that 95% of EPL staff are fully vaccinated.

To do all we can to protect ourselves and those around us, EPL will implement a Staff COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Policy requiring staff to provide proof of full vaccination by October 31, 2021 or participate in rapid testing for COVID-19 at the employee’s expense. Pending participation in either of these two options, employees may go on a leave without pay. Staff who have protected exemptions under Human Rights Legislation will be accommodated on an individual basis.

EPL will continue to monitor and respond to the emergent and changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the safety of our staff and the customers we serve.

Pilar Martinez
Chief Executive Officer
Edmonton Public Library

Media Contact:
Lynda Vang, Communications Specialist, Edmonton Public Library