8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Narrated Audiobooks

There’s nothing like the surprise of starting a new audiobook and hearing a familiar voice narrating, making you wonder “Wait... is Loki narrating a James Bond story?”. While actors, musicians, and event athletes often lend their voices to audiobooks, some celebrities may catch you off guard. Here are eight celebrities you probably didn’t know narrated audiobooks.

Celebrity Narrated Audiobooks

Tom Hiddleston

Kate Winslet

Jeremy Irons

Nicole Kidman

Meryl Streep

Dan Stevens

Jake Gyllenhaal

Why Celebrities Narrate Audiobooks

Celebrities often bring their unique flair to audiobook narration, attracting a wider audience to the literary world. Their ability to convey emotion and create distinct character voices enhances the listening experience, making books more accessible and enjoyable. Additionally, fans get a chance to connect with their favourite celebrities in a new and intimate way, deepening their appreciation for both the performer and the literature. Be sure to also check out more audiobook titles

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