6 Edmonton Bands and Musicians You Should Be Listening To

Edmonton is home to a rich and vibrant music scene. That’s why the Edmonton Public Library created Capital City Records, opens a new window: to celebrate the city's music and its history.

Through Capital City Records, you can stream and download some of the city's best local music—all while discovering new artists. Along with a collection that includes local albums produced in the last five years, the initiative also features a gig poster archive going all the way back to the 1970s.

The Edmonton musicians and bands on this list are talented local artists well worth a listen. All of them have been nominated for—and some have even won—awards at the Edmonton Music Awards (EMAs). The best part? You can check them out for free on Capital City Records, opens a new window.

1. Our Good Wolf, opens a new window

Formed in 2012, Our Good Wolf is an indie-alternative five-piece band from Edmonton. Their sound has been honed from a vast array of influences to create unique songs with an eclectic character, from acoustic-folk ballads to funk-rock anthems and everything in between. 

Our Good Wolf was one of the People's Choice nominees at the 2017 EMAs.

Dig in deeper with their 2016 album The Last We Heard of Him, opens a new window.

2. Celeigh Cardinal, opens a new window

Celeigh Cardinal is a prairie girl through and through. Her heartfelt, biographical songs are carried by a voice that harkens to the golden era of jazz and blues. This Métis singer/songwriter is easily one of the finest vocalists to hail from the Peace Country. 

Cardinal won Female Artist of the Year and Indigenous Recording of the Year at the 2018 EMAs. But that's not all: her name was all over the nominations list as well. Her song, "There Ain't No Way," was nominated as Single of the Year, Singer/Songwriter of the Year, Roots/Folk Recording of the Year and Adult Alternative Recording of the Year. Her album, Everything and Nothing At All, was nominated for Album of the Year and Cardinal was also nominated in the People's Choice category.

For more of Cardinal’s music, check out her 2017 release Everything and Nothing at All., opens a new window

3. Kimberley MacGregor, opens a new window

Kimberley MacGregor is a powerful performer and roots musician who writes music for humans. She unapologetically exposes universal emotions that people tend to conceal. 

MacGregor won Female Artist of the Year at the 2016 EMAs with her album Nicer, Gentler.

Discover more with her 2015 album I Am My Own, opens a new window.

4. Martin Kerr, opens a new window

Born and raised in the English countryside, Martin Kerr has built his career one passer-by at a time, singing his way from street-corners to concert halls and arenas. Often compared to the best of the 1970s troubadours—Cat Stevens, James Taylor, John Denver—Kerr's soulful voice and lyrics connect with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. 

At the 2018 EMAs, Kerr was nominated for Male Artist of the Year and Singer/Songwriter of the Year for his album Mr. Liao

Continue on a soulful journey with his latest release Better than Brand New, opens a new window.

5. The Provincial Archive, opens a new window

The Provincial Archive has honed their craft through dark winters. They make music, release records, tour the country and travel the world, all from the remote blue-collar outpost that the band calls home.

For The Provincial Archive, 2016 was a good year at the EMAs. That's the year the local band won Indie Rock Recording of the Year for their song "Bad Connection" and Album of the Year for their self-titled album.

Explore more of their sounds with their self-titled 2015 release, opens a new window.

6. Arlo Maverick, opens a new window

Arlo Maverick (of Politic Live) is a hip-hop MC whose sound explores jazz, reggae, rock, electro and soul yet identifies itself as hip-hop. Writing from his personal experiences, Maverick connects with his fans one song at a time. Be it songs about the innocence of falling in love, confronting one’s inner demons or the struggles of making ends meet, Maverick’s music is as much about moving his audience physically as much as it is about moving them emotionally.

Maverick won Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the Year two years running, for "More" (featuring Oozeela) in 2016 and for "Too Many Too's" (featuring K-Riz) in 2017.

Start your journey through his extensive repertoire with 2016’s Maybe Tomorrow, opens a new window.

Learn more about Edmonton’s music scene and discover some of the city’s amazing local talent on Capital City Records, opens a new window. Then celebrate local music with us—learn more about the Edmonton Music Awards and get your tickets online.

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