Can You Suggest Something New?

We’ve all been in this situation—you’ve just experienced the most amazing book, movie, album or video game and you want something else just like it! But you might not know exactly what it was about it that you enjoyed so much—was it something about the creator? Was it the genre? Was it the style, the characters or the dialogue?

There are many resources out there to connect you to your next amazing book, movie, artist or video game! Here are just a few that you can access online:


Novelist connects readers with new books to read with a variety of fun tools. NoveList can help you search your favourite author to get a list of author read-a-likes or find books based on character types, tone or even illustration style. You can also browse by popular and frequent plot elements. Access over 1,200 theme-oriented book lists, 160 award lists and 1,800 fiction related websites. It's everything you need to dive deeper into your fictional worlds.


With a focus on children’s and young adult books, TeachingBooks allows users to browse book titles, watch meet-the-author videos and discover titles based on interest, subject and reading level.

Five Books

Want to know what a digital currency expert thinks are the best books on cryptocurrency? Or Yotam Ottolenghi’s favourite cookbooks? Five Books interviews experts and asks their top five book picks about their field of expertise. More than 1,000 interviews are included with the picks, providing context for their choices. The site covers nonfiction and fiction, and a wide range of genres. 

Taste Dive

Taste Dive is a comprehensive recommending site for a wide range of formats, including movies, tv shows and even podcasts! Simply search your favourite title and find user-created lists that have similar titles.

Quantic Foundry

Quantic Foundry is a video game recommendation engine. Input up to three video games that you enjoy and it’ll generate a list of similar titles. You can also complete a short survey to determine your Gamer Motivation Profile and get recommendations based on your profile.

Personalized EPL Services

All EPL staff are equipped to provide personal, enthusiastic and informed recommendations!

Personal Picks

Want a list of recommendations based on past titles you’ve enjoyed? This service is for you! Connect with trained staff who will create a curated list just for you.