Set Your Kids up for School Success

Set you and your kids up for success this school year with EPL’s comprehensive resources! From math, to reading, science and language learning, we have the tools that will make supporting your kid’s learning journey feel like a breeze.    



Bring your favourite children’s and young adult books to life with TeachingBooks, a helpful resource that supports Homework Help, Homeschool Support and Reader's Advisory for children and teens by providing everything you need to know about a book. Explore author biographies, name pronunciations, book excerpts, book trailers, vocabulary lists and more. TeachingBooks empowers children and teens to build stronger relationships with books and can help with homework, homeschooling and guiding their next literary adventure. 


Embark on a journey of audiobooks, eBooks, read-along books, games, videos and language learning through TumbleBooks. This expansive collection encompasses non-English titles as well, enriching your child’s early literacy skills and broadening their horizons. From imaginative storybooks to enlightening non-fiction works on significant social matters, TumbleBooks offers a diverse spectrum of learning opportunities. 

Family Book Club 

Research shows that consistent reading habits correlate with academic excellence, and when families unite in prioritizing reading, they nurture lifelong learners. Welcome to Family Book Club – a catalyst for making reading a cherished family tradition. This year, our book is E.B. White’s timeless classic, Charlotte's Web. Visit our Family Book Club page to uncover how your family can participate in this literary journey.



Ignite your passion for mathematics with TumbleMath! You can dive into eBooks that combine animation, narration and sound to create stories and teach math concepts. Harness instructional videos and educational games are all conveniently accessible with a single click. Designed for all age groups, TumbleMath facilitates personalized learning, empowering kids to master math at their own pace. That sum(mary) sounds pretty good to us! 

Homework Help and Test Preparation 

Brainfuse HelpNow 

From kindergarten to grade 12, Brainfuse has got your back. Students can engage in live chats with tutors, and tailor-make study aids that precisely match their learning needs. Bid farewell to the frustration of finding activities and leave it to Brainfuse. 


School is back in session and so is Solaro!  Offering an Alberta-specific curriculum for grades 3-12, Solaro brings education to your doorstep. You can even take a quick quiz to make sure you aren’t rusty for diploma exams or work through course lessons. 


PebbleGo Suite

Unearth a treasure trove of over 1,000 informational articles with PebbleGo Suite, specifically designed for students in grades K-3. Interactive games, activities and read-aloud audio about animals, science and social studies transform learning into an engaging resource for readers of all abilities. 

PebbleGo Next

Embark on the next level of digital literacy and research with PebbleGo Next. Tailored for grades 3-6, this resource will excite all budding scientists as it delves into many fascinating topics such as Earth science, life science, and computer and science technology. 


Explore liquids, wetland ecosystems and classroom chemistry with PowerKnowledge. This online resource features three science-focused learning modules for your grade 3-6 learners to soak up as much science knowledge as possible. Get exploring the world of science with PowerKnowledge Earth & Space Science, PowerKnowledge Life Science and PowerKnowledge Physical Science.


Muzzy Online

Embark on an engaging language learning journey from preschool to elementary with Muzzy Online. With its charismatic character and multimedia resources, Muzzy facilities learning in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese or Russian. Through eBooks, videos, games and typing exercises, it helps kids learn a language and have fun at the same time. 

AV² World Languages

Unlock the world of languages with AV² World Languages – a language learning resource consisting of eBooks with clean, easy-to-read layouts and vivid full-screen images. Each title includes access in 14 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, German, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Urdu, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. No limits, no waiting. 


Music and Art 


Expose your kids to quality music at an early age through Mazaam's extraordinary catalogue of more than 140 classical music recordings, featuring real instruments. Supporting early childhood development through play and classical music, Mazaam helps children develop their tonal and rhythmic sense. Follow along with Mazaam the Conductor as he guides children through the five worlds of tone, pitch, tempo, intensity, timbre, and harmony.