Armchair Travel

Are you looking for a way to get your travel fix in without leaving home? You could recreate a 15-hour flight in your home. But if that’s not for you, we have some great ways to see the world without needing a plane ticket real or virtual.

One of my favourite parts of travelling is all the delicious new foods you get to try. Why not combine that adventurous spirit with learning a new skill and cook an authentic dish from your country of choice with the help of A to Z World Food. If you’re not sure what to try you can choose from the country of the day or pick a place you’ve always wanted to go. You can even look for dishes based on the ingredients you already have in your pantry! For me, I’m definitely drooling over this recipe for Pho.

Another great way to get into the travel mindset is to learn the language you’ll need to speak with the locals. Pronunciator has 144 languages to cover all of your travel needs. Dive deep into one language for your next travel adventure or my favourite activity learn how to ask for the nearest washroom in as many languages as possible!

Before you travel anywhere though, you are going to want to know as much about where you are going as possible. We have a large number of travel guides including Fodor’s available as eBooks so you can learn about the best places to go and what tourist traps are best to miss.

Finally, one way to really get to know a country is to listen to some international music. If you check out Naxos World music library to get into the spirit. You can look for music based on a geographic region or a traditional culture to get that feeling of walking down the streets in a country where everything is just a little bit new and different.

You could even put all of these together and plan a meal from your country of choice while listening to music and practising your new phrases for full immersion. Or go eclectic and pick the elements you like best from around the globe. Want to eat some German sausages with sauerkraut while listening to some Argentine Tango? The world is your oyster! All the benefits of travelling plus you still get to sleep in your own comfy bed at night.

We've also created some EPL from Home videos to take you on an adventure to Germany:

Keep that adventurous spirit going and take an armchair tour of Cornwall: