Celebrate National Child Day

Every year Canadians celebrate National Child Day on Nov. 20, in recognition of our country’s commitment to upholding children’s rights. Specifically, the rights stated in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Want to learn more about the convention? Here’s a great video that helps explain it to both adults and kids! 

In Alberta, we choose a different right every year to celebrate and this year we are celebrating children’s right to participate. Children have a right to be involved in activities such as play, family, culture and learning. They also have a voice that deserves to be heard, particularly on matters that affect them. Whether it’s as small as providing feedback on a library class or as large as fighting climate change, empowering young people from all backgrounds to participate in decision-making helps grow their voices and confidence and turns them into citizens of tomorrow. 

To help inspire children in our community, we are hosting 15 minute Story Stop for National Child Day at several of our EPL locations on Sunday, Nov. 20. The focus of our Story Stops will be on stories about kids making a change in the world, so hopefully you and your family will leave them feeling just as inspired as we are! 

Can’t make one of our story stops? No problem as we've made a great list of books for you to read together at home.

National Child Day : The Right to Participate

"Children have the right to give their opinions in all matters that affect them" -- UN. November 20th marks National Child Day, an annual celebration of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This year's theme is the Right to Participate. Check out these titles below and celebrate how children are important members of our society and can get involved in the causes they care about.

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You can also check out other Story Stop events happening at our EPL locations over the next few weeks.

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