7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Library Card

There are so many cool gadgets, classes and resources out in the world! You could pay to use them…or you could use your free Edmonton Public Library (EPL) library card!

Have you been wondering about the unique things your EPL card unlocks? Your library card gets you free access to a ton of stuff that you might not even know about. We’re talking about classes, events, resources, music, movies and (of course) books! Here are just a few of the neat things you can do with your library card:

1. Get 3D printing and more

Get those creative juices flowing, let’s make something unique together! 3-D print your very own dinosaur figurine, show off your fashion designer skills with our sewing machine, get a head start on your EP or create your very own wooden masterpiece. The craziest part? That’s not everything we offer through our Makerspaces! Sign yourself up for a class or book a time to use one of our services.

2. Learn to cook

Are you wanting to explore a new culinary genre? Quit staring at the pan! Get inspired to create something delicious in The Kitchen. Get hands-on experience from local chefs and bakers. We also offer online sessions that you can take from the comfort of your own kitchen. Just talking about these classes makes our tummy grumble! Not into classes? Check out a cookbook and learn at your own pace.

3. Play video games

No Game Pass, no problem! Explore our Gamerspace and immerse yourself in your digital world. Join an in-room gaming tournament or venture off on your own adventure on our gaming PCs or console stations. Check out some of your favourite video games with your library card and bring them home.

4. Attend events and classes

Needing to get out of the house? Take the family to the Library for fun classes and events. Whether you’re singing your heart out at one of our Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn classes or you’re settling into your seat for a movie in the theatre, there’s something for everyone. Plus, our adult classes offer life skills support and industry knowledge from the pros.

5. Build community connections

At EPL, we love helping Edmontonians make their dreams come true. We help connect communities together through our residency programs including our Musician, Writer, Elder and Innovator in Residence. Classes, workshops and events are offered year-round where you can learn and connect with experts and knowledge keepers and other passionate learners.

6. Learn about Indigenous history and culture

We help Edmontonians learn about Indigenous practices and traditions. At our PÎYÊSÎW WÂSKÂHIKAN (Thunderbird House), we welcome all customers to take part in Indigenous programming led by local Elders and Knowledge Keepers, including from our Elder in Residence Nôhkom Jo-Ann. PÎYÊSÎW WÂSKÂHIKAN also offers customers a quiet space to reflect and smudge.

7. Access world languages

New to Edmonton and not sure where to start? We offer a variety of information in different world languages like Ukrainian, Punjabi, French, Persian (Farsi) and Arabic. Talk to our staff about settlement services, English language learning classes, government support and more. We can help you get settled into your new home.

Your library card gets you access to more things than you can count on your fingers! Why not take advantage of it? Find more information about cool services and classes on our website.