Unveiling the World of Police Mysteries Genre

The Inner Workings of Police Procedurals

Dive headfirst into the gripping realm of Police Procedurals—a sub-genre of mystery that unfolds the relentless pursuit of justice by unwavering police officers. These tales, born in the noir-filled 1940s and 50s, have not only stood the test of time but continue to captivate modern readers. Say goodbye to private eyes and citizen detectives and prepare for an electrifying journey into the heart of law enforcement.

You might be thinking to yourself "This sounds an awful lot like a detective or a mystery novel". You are not wrong! A police procedural is a subgenre of the detective novel. It can also be crossed with other genres, so you can get a cozy police procedural, a thriller police procedural, or even a sci-fi police procedural. 

Investigative techniques are often part of these novels and can include, but are not limited to: forensics, autopsies, gathering evidence, obtaining warrants and interrogating suspects.  

This is not a genre limited to books. It is a popular form for TV shows like the CSI franchise, Law and Order, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Criminal Minds, Bones and many more. 

This genre lends itself well to a series format, as you can have the same character(s) solving different mysteries in each book/episode. However, there are some great standalone novels and movies in the genre.

Must Read Police Procedural Novels

The Best Police Procedural Films and TV Shows

Closing the Case

The police procedural genre covers a wide array of novels, films and TV shows. It can be mixed with just about any other genre, and take place pretty much anywhere there are people. Books and movies in this genre can be serious award winners or lighthearted cozy mysteries. Secure your next pick and immerse yourself in crime-solving thrills!