Sharing Diverse Voices: Queer Representation in Literature

Growing up in Red Deer, the now Edmontonian author and game developer, Davis G. See recounts seeing himself represented in young adult literature that he found in his middle school library. He felt safe to check out these young adult books featuring Queer characters, become more outgoing and to write his own story. The Queer youth group he attended at the public library was a lifesaver to him and helped establish the library as a safe space in his community.

His experience helps illustrate the importance of libraries as safe spaces for youth, that have a wide variety of programs, services and diversity in their collections. For Pride Month, I talked to Davis about his earlier days as well as his work from the last few years, upcoming projects, some of the challenges faced by Queer writers and how the pandemic has affected his work.

Some of Davis’s interactive work can be found on his website and he also created a book list for us called Queer Across Age.

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