Paving the Way for a Modern Library with TELUS

“EPL is changing the concept of what a modern-day library looks like. We've been a trail blazer in bringing interactive digital experiences directly to our customers.”—Steve Till-Rogers, Director, Technology Services

In July 2018, the Digital Initiatives team brought EPL’s first ever interactive digital touch table to the Mill Woods Branch thanks to a sponsorship from TELUS. The purpose of the table was to learn how interactive technology can enhance customers’ experiences at the Library.

In collaboration with students from MacEwan University, programs and games were developed in-house for the digital touch table. This technology gave the students a practical application for their learning. It provided a platform to test their games with the public, receive feedback and make improvements. The MacEwan students could see just how engaging their media was to EPL customers while developing their professional skill sets.

The 65” digital touch table gave us the chance to examine different ways interactive technology can be used. It allows people to explore STEM concepts (science, technology, engineering, math), use their imaginations, be engaged with learning and interact with the people around them.

It also paved the way for much bigger things to come for our customers. The sponsorship from TELUS helped to lay the groundwork for EPL’s plan to bring one of worlds biggest and best interactive experiences to Edmonton. Known as “The Wall”, it’s one of the highlights of the recently revitalized Stanley A. Milner Library: a two-storey tall, 40-foot wide interactive digital wall featuring 29 large screens. Customers can learn and play with our Dino Zoo and the Great Barrier Reef, and the response has been outstanding. We are extremely grateful to TELUS for their support.

“We were fortunate that TELUS offered us funding to continue to grow and experiment with the development of the interactive technology. We have crossed international borders to collaborate and deliver a special experience for our customers. It is a testament to the strength of EPL that we don’t restrict ourselves to boundaries.” —Steve Till-Rogers

Having world-class technology available with no barriers to access is invaluable. EPL hopes that everyone sees the benefits of making our Library richer with immersive digital experiences.

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