10 of the Best Movies to Watch with Mom: EPL Staff Favourites

Strong female characters, classic drama, over-the-top romance, dynamic mother-daughter relationships, laughter and tears—these picks have got them all!

We’ve put together a list of our staff’s favourite movies to watch with their mothers. Check one (or all) of them out to watch with your mom.

1. Mamma Miaopens a new window (2008)

In this musical comedy (featuring hit songs from the popular 1970s band ABBA) a bride secretly invites three men from her mother’s past to her wedding in the hopes of meeting her real father.

Mamma Mia is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “Whenever my mom and I used to have a rough time, we would watch Mamma Mia. I mean, who can so no to some Meryl?” — Michael Darrington, Library Assistant at Jasper Place

2. Stepmomopens a new window (1998)

Several years after his divorce from their mother, a man tries to introduce his children to his new younger girlfriend. Loyal to their mom, the kids aren’t interested until some major news changes everything.

Stepmom is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “My mom took my sister and me to see Stepmom at the movies when it came out and she cried the whole time. It’s the ultimate reminder to appreciate your mom (and/or stepmom).” — Angela Lieu, Library Assistant at Highlands

3. The Sound of Musicopens a new window (1965)

In this classic musical set just before the outbreak of WWII, a woman leaves a convent to become governess to a widowed naval captain’s seven children.

The Sound of Music is available as a 45th anniversary edition DVDopens a new window, 50th anniversary edition DVDopens a new window and Blu-Rayopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “It’s one of [my mom’s] favourite movies and we love to sing along. We once dressed up as Maria and Gretl for a costume contest at the Garneau Theatre. I wish I still had a photo!” — Dorothy Hamilton, Library Assistant at Woodcroft

4. Lady Birdopens a new window (2017)

This Best Picture-nominated film is a coming of age story and an insightful look at turbulent mother-daughter relationships. It’s about a teenage girl in Sacramento who is convinced she’s from the “wrong side of the tracks” and longs for something more.

Lady Bird is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “Once I saw this in the theatre, I immediately knew I had to get my mom to watch it. If anyone has trouble navigating a turbulent relationship with their mom, I would definitely recommend watching it with them.” — Courtney Turner, Library Assistant at Jasper Place

5. Braveopens a new window (2012)

The impetuous daughter of a Scottish king, Merida is constantly butting heads with her more traditional mother. When her attempt to carve out her own destiny results in a beastly curse, it’s up to Merida to mend their bond.

Brave is available as a DVDopens a new window, Blu-Rayopens a new window and collector’s edition Blu-Rayopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “My mom and I do not always have the smoothest of relationships, but we went and saw Brave together in theatres. It was such as a great movie about the mother daughter-relationship and recognizing that a mother and daughter can be very different but still love and support each other.” — Cassidy Munro, Community Librarian at Abbottsfield

6. My Fair Ladyopens a new window (1964)

This classic musical follows a pompous professor’s attempts to transform a Cockney working-class girl into a member of high-society.

My Fair Lady is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “My mom passed away in 2011. This movie is one we saw at the theatre in the early 1960s and it’s a happy memory with her.” — Mary Catherine Murray, Page at Castle Downs

7. Pride and Prejudiceopens a new window (2005)

Headstrong Elizabeth Bennet is attempting to navigate a society (and a very persistent mother) that insists she marry well—and soon—when she meets the enigmatic and sometimes infuriating Mr. Darcy. This adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic does the source material justice.

Pride and Prejudice is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “My daughter and I love to watch Pride and Prejudice, which is a true feast of cinematography! If we can’t decide what to watch, we always choose this one.” — Donna Bateman, Library Assistant at Whitemud Crossing

8. Gone with the Windopens a new window (1939)

This cinematic version of Margaret Mitchell’s novel focuses on petulant Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara as she fights to survive the Civil War, Reconstruction and her own tempestuous love affairs.

Gone with the Wind is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “It was the first movie I remember ever watching with [my mom]. When it comes back on TV, we make a date to watch it again. I never get tired of this movie.” — Wendy Lupul, Item Entry Process in the Collections, Management and Access Division

9. Pitch Perfectopens a new window (2012)

College freshman and aspiring music producer Becca is cajoled into joining an all-female acapella group, where she pushes the boundaries of their traditional repertoire.

Pitch Perfect is available as a DVDopens a new window and Blu-Rayopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “Any and every time Pitch Perfect is playing on TV, my mom and I watch it and it never fails to make us laugh, even after the millionth time.” — Sarah Bean, Page at Clareview

10. Goldfingeropens a new window (1964)

The third installment in the James Bond franchise finds Sean Connery’s version of the British spy up against a powerful tycoon bent on raiding Fort Knox and enacting a scheme that would sink the world economy into chaos.

Goldfinger is available as a DVDopens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “My mom is a huge fan of James Bond movies, so we often settle in to watch one together as a family. It always goes the same way: we pick one that she says she doesn’t remember well and then, before the opening credits, she goes, ‘Oh this is the one where…’ and reveals the plot. We laugh and enjoy the movie anyway with a side of popcorn made fresh by my dad.” — Megan Ginther, Library Assistant with the epl2go Lit Vans

Whatever you and your mom like to watch, we’ve got something for you! DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming video—the choice is yours.

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