10 of the Best Movies to Watch with Dad: EPL Staff Favourites

Kendall Walters is the former EPL's Digital Marketing Specialist.

Whether he's shouting at the screen, hollering with laughter or falling asleep in front of the TV, there’s just something special about watching a movie with dad.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite flicks for father-themed movie nights.

1. Live and Let Die, opens a new window (1973)

Up against a mastermind, British spy James Bond finds himself a target as he investigates the murders of three fellow agents.

Live and Let Die is available as a DVD, opens a new window and ultimate 007 edition DVD, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “One thing I could always count on growing up was, if there was a James Bond film on ABC Sunday Night Movie, I would get to stay up late and watch it with dad. It led to some sleepy Monday mornings at school, but was always worth it.” — Kyle Burley, Library Assistant at Clareview

2. Private Benjamin, opens a new window (1980)

After her husband dies on their wedding night, a grieving high-society woman is convinced to enlist in the Women’s Army Corps. She soon finds it’s not the break she was looking for, but she may just become a good soldier along the way.

Private Benjamin is available as a DVD, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “Goldie Hawn is my dad’s favourite actress and he loves to watch her movies. Every Sunday afternoon, he picks a movie to watch and every Sunday he ‘rests his eyes’ during the movie. I’m sure he’s slept through Private Benjamin a million times while the rest of us watch it.” — Megan Ginther, Library Assistant with the epl2go Lit Vans

3. Star Trek: Insurrection, opens a new window (1998)

Part of the Star Trek film series starring cast members from The Next Generation, Star Trek: Insurrection follows a Federation mission to a unique planet. Unexpectedly embroiled in a conspiracy, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves forming a rebellion.

Star Trek: Insurrection is available as a DVD, opens a new window and Blu-Ray, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad and when the movies came out we would watch them together. I may not have caught all the references or understood the physics, but I loved spending time with my dad.” — Lauren Bell, Library Services Coordinator at Meadows

4. Ip Man, opens a new window (2008)

Set in China during the Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man tells the story of a revered fighter. After refusing to teach martial arts to the invading Japanese soldiers, he’s forced to fight in a series of battles leading up to an ultimate showdown with Japan’s greatest warrior.

Ip Man is available as a DVD, opens a new window and streaming video, opens a new window. Sequels and a related TV series are also available, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “I love watching martial arts movies with my dad. My dad tried to teach all of the kids Wing Chun when we were younger to help us improve our balance and coordination (didn’t work, I’m still uncoordinated). Whenever we watch Ip Man, it always leads to a nice trip down memory lane.” — Carol Ma, Discovery and Cataloguing Librarian in the Collection Management and Access Department

5. The Pink Panther, opens a new window (1963)

The first film in a beloved comedy series, The Pink Panther tells the story of bumbling and inept French detective Inspector Clouseau’s attempts to recover a priceless stolen gem known as the “Pink Panther.”

The Pink Panther Film Collection is available as streaming video, opens a new window. The Return of the Pink Panther, opens a new window and the 2006 remake of the original film, opens a new window are also available on DVD.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “I used to like watching The Pink Panther with my dad. He loved Peter Sellers—so many memorable lines in a fractured French accent! And the soundtrack by Henry Mancini is a classic.” — Alison Faid, Major Giving Officer in the Fund Development Department

6. The Sound of Music, opens a new window (1965)

Based on the real-life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, The Sound of Music is a musical set in pre-WWII Austria. Adapted from a stage play that was based on a memoir, the movie follows a woman who leaves an Austrian convent to become governess to a widowed naval captain’s seven children.

The Sound of Music is available as a DVD, opens a new window and Blu-Ray, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “The movie I watched most with my dad was The Sound of Music. He loved the singing and the story, always cheering when the nun stole the spark plugs. When the movie ended, he would always comment that others told him it was unrealistic, but he would share that he escaped through much more unbelievable circumstances, including death, many times over to make it to freedom.” — Tiina Payson, Manager at Whitemud Crossing and Heritage Valley

7. Kill Bill: Volume 1, opens a new window (2003)

After her jealous ex-lover Bill attempts to murder her on her wedding day, a former assassin known as The Bride wakes from a coma after four years. She sets out to get revenge on everyone who contributed to the loss of her unborn child, wedding party and four years of her life.

Kill Bill: Volume 1, opens a new window and Volume 2, opens a new window are available on DVD.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “My dad and I aren’t big on sharing, so we went years without realizing that we were both Tarantino fans. My mom can’t stand them, so I guess we have just been watching them in secret. Now we watch Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Volume 2 together.” — Michael Darrington, Library Assistant at Jasper Place

8. A Goofy Movie, opens a new window (1995)

Classic Disney character Goofy is the star of this sweet animated movie. Concerned about his son getting in trouble at school, he insists the pair embark on a father-son cross-country road trip. In true Goofy fashion, things go hilariously wrong shortly after the car leaves the driveway. 

A Goofy Movie, opens a new window and its sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie, opens a new window are available on DVD.

EPL Staff Recommendation:A Goofy Movie is my all-time favourite movie to watch with my dad. To this day, it is still one of the most heartwarming and relatable movies ever made about a father trying to connect with his growing son. It’s a perfect movie for anyone to watch with a dad who might be a little bit goofy sometimes.” — Jesse Lang, Library Services Coordinator at Abbottsfield

9. City Slickers, opens a new window (1991)

Three friends in the midst of a mid-life crisis decide to turn their annual guys’ trip into a chance to reclaim their masculinity. Along with a weathered old cowboy, they set off on a supervised cattle drive that takes one unexpected turn after another.

City Slickers is available as a DVD, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation:City Slickers is one of those movies my dad grumbles about watching and ends up laughing all the way through. Jack Palance (who plays Curly) is a legend and dad always ends up telling stories of the other movies he’s seen Jack in.” — Andrea Thompson-Dick, Library Assistant at Heritage Valley

10. Legally Blonde, opens a new window (2001)

Elle Woods has it all: the perfect hair, the perfect clothes, the perfect sorority life and the perfect boyfriend. That is, until he dumps her for not being serious enough and moves across the country. Determined to get her man back, Elle gets into Harvard where she figures out she has a lot more going for her than her looks.

Legally Blonde is available as a DVD, opens a new window.

EPL Staff Recommendation: “Maybe it’s because he was a lawyer, but one of the movies I’ve watched multiple times with my dad is Legally Blonde. It’s one of those movies where, if we catch it on TV, we’ll watch it no matter where it is in the story because we know the plot so well. My dad’s particularly fond of saying, ‘The rules of hair care are simple and finite.’” — Caroline Land, Manager at Capilano

Whatever you and your dad like to watch, we’ve got something for you! DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming video—the choice is yours.

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