Making Music with EPL

Have you been eyeing those instruments in your house and considering picking them up again or for the very first time? We have some resources to help you make music and (hopefully) soothe yourself and those around you. 

Learning How to Read Music

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. To make music you need to read music and if you don’t know your treble clef from your bass clef, learning to read music is a great starting point. Both Gale Courses and LinkedIn Learning offer great introductory courses for learning music basics. 

Offered monthly, Music Made Easy in Gale Courses covers all the core concepts of understanding and learning to read music including breakdowns of what melody, harmony and rhythm are as well as outlining how to read treble and bass clefs. 

Want to immediately dive into a video-based course on how music is written and how to read it? Learning Music Notation has you covered as it outlined staffs, notes, pitches, chords and more. 

Learning How to Play Instruments

LinkedIn Learning offers plenty of options if you need video tutorials to get you started on playing an instrument. Whether you’ve got an acoustic guitar, piano or ukulele handy there’s lessons ready for you any time of day. Explore the Music Lessons section of LinkedIn Learning for lessons for other instruments as well as different styles of playing like jazz or bluegrass. 

Play On

Looking to expand your repertoire of music to play? EPL has some great digital options you can use right now. 

We’ve got a selection of popular music titles for a range of skill levels and variety of instruments available on OverDrive. Whether you’re looking for familiar Disney songs or classic rock tunes, there’s some popular music you’ll find appealing here. 

If classical music is more your speed, then Music Online: Classical Scores Library will make all your music dreams come true. This resource includes thousands of music titles including pieces from big names like Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and more. Music titles in this resource are available for a wide range of instruments. 

Share Your Music

Once you’ve put in your 10,000 hours to master your new musical skills, you’re ready to share them with the world! There are plenty of courses on LinkedIn Learning to help you with recording your amazing music.  

Consider taking the Audio Recording Techniques class to learn how best to capture your sound. You can also explore the nearly 40 hours of content in the Become a Music Producer learning path on LinkedIn Learning which includes courses on music theory, editing and other aspects of music production. 

Happy learning!