Let’s Go Oilers, Let’s Go!

written by Katie Turzansky

It has been a long and depressing 11 year dry spell in Oil Country. Our jerseys had fallen to the backs of our closets, crumpled and dusty. We barely even remembered what the colour orange looked like. But it has finally happened. Led by wunderkind Connor McDavid, the Oilers have brought an orange glow back to the streets of Edmonton… and we are pumped! Play-off hockey has returned and you’ve never seen a more enthusiastic city!

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the Orange Crush and bone up on your Oilers knowledge, EPL has you covered!

First, let’s start with these lovely, photo and fact-filled books that summarize some of the Oilers’ greatest accomplishments. Kids today don’t know what they’ve been missing! Aimed at younger readers (who weren’t even alive the last time the Oilers played a play-off game!!), these books can help build the all-important orange and blue foundation of any loyal Oilers fan!
Edmonton Oilers
The Edmonton Oilers

Once you have the basic (and impressive!) facts, move on to watch the best Oilers fly across the ice. This DVD of the Oilers 10 Greatest Games was produced in 2008, in the dark decade without great games. But, all has changed now! We can’t wait to see some new “greatest games” from here to the finals!
Edmonton Oilers 10 Greatest Games

You can’t learn about the Oilers without learning a bit about our arch nemesis, the Calgary Flames (boooooo!). Probably more of a rivalry in the stands than on the ice, the Battle of Alberta has defined sports in this province for decades. I’m almost prepared to (quietly) cheer for the Flames right now so we can pound them in round 2!
The Battle of Alberta

The Oilers have always been their best when they’re a young team. Edmonton is still not over that August day almost 30 years ago when we watched the young Great One cry at the press conference about his trade. It could be argued that Gretzky made hockey in this city. Twenty-nine years after leaving the Oilers and eighteen years after retirement, Wayne Gretzky still holds 60 NHL records…and the heart of Edmontonians!

And Gretzky isn’t the only one, of course. Sure, we saw that scowl when he realized he was drafted to Edmonton, but Connor McDavid has more than made up for it since! He got an amazing 100 points this season and finally got this team of skilled players skating in the same direction. He’s dragged us out of our decade of rebuilding and will push us through to the Cup! We’re right behind you, Connor!
The McDavid Effect

The Orange Crush has taken over the city! Pop on the classic REM tune of the same name as you roll past Rogers Place, window flags flying, cheering on our boys in orange!
Green (25th Anniversary)

Let’s go Oilers, Let’s Go!!! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬