Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Canada Day is here and this time we are celebrating a major milestone – our country's sesquicentennial! As you get together with your family and friends for a BBQ, fireworks, camping or what-have-you, take some time to explore the massive collection of Canadian-related items available at EPL. From Canadian-made inventions, to TV shows, music and literature, you have plenty to choose from right at your fingertips!

Below is a compilation of lists that captures the true essence of what Canada is all about, helping us reflect on the true, strong and free nation we call home!

  • Canadian Inventions

What do the Robertson screwdriver, five pin bowling and the zipper have in common? They are all Canadian inventions! Check out our Canadian inventions.

The Biggest Poutine in the World

  • Canadian Music

One of Canada's greatest exports is our amazing musical talent. Whether you're on a beach, working in your garden, driving across the country or just kicking back at home, we've got the Canadian music to keep your toes tapping this Canada Day! Stream or download it now!

If You're Reading This It's Too Late

  • Canadian TV Shows

Watching American TV shows is common in our households, but there are some TV shows that are uniquely ours. Have fun with these ones for kids (and kids at heart); they will make you relive your childhood memories as you share them with younger generations. Go back in time with these shows.

Degrassi Junior High

  • Canadian Literature

Take a look at some new and favourite classics of Canadian literature, and learn more about our roots. Explore these titles now.


  • Canadian-themed Books for Kids

How many days would it take to walk Canada's coastline? Where is the world's largest beaver dam that can be seen from space? Want the answers? Enjoy this list of items with a Canadian theme for kids!  View kids’ books now!

  • Canadian History

Immerse yourself in the history of our nation - everything from Indigenous populations in Canada prior to colonization up to the most recent federal election. Learn more about Canada.


P.S. In case you're having trouble saying sesquicentennial, watch this video!