6 Fun Activities to do with your Child at the Library 

Evelyn Delgado is a former Service Design Specialist (Youth) in the Shelley Milner Children's Library

It's here! Our patience has been rewarded and the Stanley A. Milner Library is back in our lives. And my, oh my, are we excited to show it off! But did you know that you're getting a two-in-one deal? Because there is a second library within the Milner Library! AKA the Shelley Milner Children’s Library on the main floor of revitalized library and it has grown three times its original size over the closure. We've also added so many fun and interactive elements and we wanted to give you a taste with a virtual tour and six fun activities you and your kids can do at the Shelley Milner Children's Library.

Video produced and edited by Cadden & Bell Productions

1. The Big Piano 

We all remember the scene in Big where Tom Hanks dances around on a the big piano. Well, we got our own! So you can come and play on our big floor piano by dancing, stomping and tiptoeing across the keys. Play with a friend or serenade our staff with an original composition, we can’t wait to hear your sweet (any maybe not so sweet) tunes!    

2. Rolling Hills 

We be rolling! Not with wheels, but with hills. Our rolling hills are located in the toddler area of the Children’s Library. These faux grassy knolls will tickle your feet as young children climb, sit and explore the terrain modelled after the rolling hills of Alberta.  

3. Makerspace

If you remember our previous Makerspace, you know what a bustling hive of activity it was. To help you bring your creations to life, the Children’s Library has their very own Makerspace! The Al and Fran Olson Children’s Makerspace inspires and celebrates our littlest designers and makers, providing everything kids need to play, tinker, explore, learn, create and share. Through a mixture of tech and non-tech materials, children can try out design challenges, take a deep dive into the intricacies of programming, create 3D-printed objects and make music.

In accordance with COVID-19 restrictions and to keep you healthy and safe, we ask you to call ahead and book a time for your visit, once you are inside you will be greeted with a variety of technology such as a music synthesizer, green-screen technology and lots and lots of programmable robots! 

4. No Touch Scavenger Hunt 

Pandemic times means we have to try really hard to keep our hands to ourselves. We took advantage of this and created for you a no-touch scavenger hunt to help families learn more about the secrets of the revitalized library. There are challenges designed to keep the whole family entertained! Practise your detective skills and get to know the building in a fun and exciting way. You can ask any of the Children's Library staff for details on how to participate.

5. Fishies 

Fish tanks are a staple in most of our branches. The Children's Library is no exception. Our fish tank has been built right into our Ricardo Copado’s mural, The Journey Beyond: Boundaries of Imagination. The mural combined with the tank is the perfect place to center yourself. The mural and fish tank offer a calming place to begin and end your visit to the Children's Library.  

6. React Wall 

The react wall is a life-size game that challenges your reflexes! Think whack-a-mole but with lights and no mallet. You can play with your friends and see who gets the top score or challenge your own reflexes. Healthy bodies equal healthy brains, this game is not easy and we guarantee you'll get a workout while having fun! We know we have!

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