English Language Learners

Wondering about how to learn English? EPL has programs and collections to help you master the English language.


The Edmonton Public Library offers free programsopens a new window to help you learn and practice English.


Our collections include:

Family Language Kits

Family Language Kits are designed to help newcomer families break down language and cultural barriers by promoting reading, language development and library use.

How do Family Language Kits help?

  • Family Language Kits help families read together and learn to use libraries
  • The kits are fun for parents and children to use together
  • They help parents who want to know how to learn English
  • Reading together helps prepare children for school

What's inside a Family Language Kit?

Each Family Language Kit contains a variety of print and non-print materials selected to encourage children and caregivers to learn English together. By providing dual-language (home language plus English) materials, we enable families to learn English together.


  • 1 Teach Me English CD/Book Set
  • 1 dual language picture dictionary
  • 4 dual language picture books
  • 2 puppets

What languages are available?

Family Language Kits are available in many languages. Check our collectionopens a new window to see what we have and to place a hold on a kit.

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