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Alexis Millar is the former Digital Marketing Specialist at the Edmonton Public Library.

Are you curious about learning a new language or refreshing your fading knowledge of one you learned in school? Check out some of our language learning resources including some to help with pronunciation for English language learners. We also have a few to help support newcomers looking to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

1. Pronunciator Language Learning

Learn 163 languages including English with Pronunciator. It includes live tutors, movies, music with lyrics, quizzes and pronunciation analysis, with an interface that can be customized in 144 languages. Pronunciator includes over 100 instructional videos and over 500 practice questions to help customers prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test.

2. Mango Language Learning

Mango is a language learning service that includes 48 languages for English speakers and English language courses for speakers of 15 other languages. Create a simple profile to track your progress and let the learning begin.

3. Muzzy: Language Learning for Kids

Muzzy is designed for kids, families and language beginners of all ages. This language learning resource helps children from preschool to elementary learn in a fun and friendly way. Plus, Muzzy himself is adorable and can help your kids learn English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese or Russian.

4. Clear Pronunciation

Clear Pronunciation is a resource that can help English language learners of all levels improve their pronunciation, specifically the pronunciation of the 43 sounds of the English language. It gives learners the opportunity to listen and practise making sounds independently, while providing lots of guidance. Learners can choose from British, North American and Australian pronunciations.

5. Clear Pronunciation 2

Clear Pronunciation 2 is the next step in learning English as a second language. In this program, you will learn to put the 43 sounds of English together in clear speech. The program covers consonant clusters, word stress, sentence stress, connected speech and intonation. There are multiple pronunciation models to choose from, like Australian, British and North American. You’ll watch tutorials from teachers, listen to examples and work through different speaking exercises all while listening to a range of accents. 

6. Road to IELTS – General Edition

Develop the skills to pass IELTS with our Road to IELTS online resources. The General Edition focuses on skills in broad social and workplace contexts. It is typically for those who are going to English-speaking countries to do secondary education, work experience or training programs. People migrating to Australia, Canada and New Zealand must sit the General Training test. 

7. Road to IELTS – Academic Edition

The Academic edition is, broadly speaking, for those who want to study or train in an English-speaking university or higher education setting. Admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses is based on the results of the Academic test. IELTS Academic may also be a requirement to join a professional organization in an English-speaking country. 

World Languages Available at EPL

We also offer resources in more than 20 languages, opens a new window from around the world, including books in Tagalog, Panjabi, German and Ukrainian.

Whether you’re looking for a translation of a beloved favourite or an original text in a language other than English, we have a variety of items available.

Our world languages collections are perfect for bilingual members and new language learners alike. Browse and add something new to your shelf today.

Explore our collection and see what EPL has to offer in world languages today!

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