Marvel Comics Recommendations for Fans of the MCU

Amie Wright is the former Manager at the Sprucewood Branch of EPL.

Coming to a crashing crescendo and capping off 17 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Avengers: Infinity War builds off of classic Marvel Comics series The Infinity Gauntlet, opens a new window and The Infinity War, opens a new window, as well as introducing new soon-to-be favourite characters. 

We decided to focus in on eight fan-favourite Marvel characters from Infinity War and make comic recommendations to help you get to know them better.

If you liked the humour (and soundtrack, opens a new window) of Guardians of the Galaxy, opens a new window, you can learn more about your favourite intergalactic jokesters and get vital clues on quest for the infinity stones. If Captain America and the Avengers are more your thing, dig into the origins stories of two of the closest friends on the team—the ones with two of the most cloaked stories. 

If you liked the science and technology behind Iron Man and Black Panther, but wanted to know more about those suits and the heroes inside them, we’ve got recommendations for that. Or if you liked Thor: Ragnarok, opens a new window and the expansion of the MCU into the moors of space, we’ve got comic picks for that too.

1. Rocket Raccoon

Read about Rocket Raccoon’s origins—including the broken hearts he’s left behind—and ascertain just how he got the know-how to make complicated DIY weapons in two seconds flat.

The Rocket Raccoon series is available from the Edmonton Public Library as books (volume 1, opens a new window and volume 2, opens a new window) and eBooks, opens a new window

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Did you know that Iron Man is intergalactic? Yep. In volume 1, opens a new window of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow’s Avengers series Tony Stark joins the team.

Plus, in volume 2, opens a new window, we find out more about Gamora’s elusive backstory—and just what Drax does, opens a new window when he’s not fighting (hint: no clues get past him). The Drax issue is also available as a graphic novel, opens a new window.

3. Black Widow

One of the most unsettling scenes in The Avengers, opens a new window is Loki’s attempt to manipulate Black Widow. We later learn she’s been playing him all along, but her cryptic comment about the “red in her leger” is haunting.

Learn more about Natasha’s hunt for redemption in Black Widow: The Finely Woven Thread, available as a book, opens a new window and eBook, opens a new window.

4. Hawkeye

You might be surprised by what you discover about Hawkeye. For one, Clint Barton is not always as serious as he appears. Two, he has an adopted dog named Lucky (a.k.a. Pizza Dog). Look for Lucky’s first appearance in issue 4.

Then there’s issue 11, Pizza is My Business, told entirely from Lucky’s point of view and considered by many to be one of the best comics in recent publication because of the way it subverts the traditional comic book narrative.

The Hawkeye Omnibus, which includes issues 1 through 22, is available as a book, opens a new window. Hawkeye volumes 1 through 4 (including issues 1 to 22) are available as eBooks, opens a new window.

5. Black Panther

The Warriors of Wakanda comic series—featuring the incredible women of Wakanda—comes out in summer 2018. Until then, learn more about T’Challa’s origins, his family and all the technology behind those suits in the Black Panther series, written by award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates (most famous for his groundbreaking work Between the World and Me, opens a new window). Also, have you heard the Black Panther soundtrack, opens a new window?

Check out Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, volume 1, opens a new windowvolume 2, opens a new window and volume 3, opens a new window as graphic novels or volume 1, opens a new window and volume 2, opens a new window as eBooks.

6. Vision

The Vision, a family man? Yep.

Well, in this version anyway. Learn more about one of the MCU’s more enigmatic characters in Vision Vol. 1: Little Worse Than a Man, available as a graphic novel, opens a new window or eBook, opens a new window.

7. Planet Hulk

Find out more about Hulk’s exile in space, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok, opens a new window.

Read The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk series volumes 1 to 4 are available as graphic novels, opens a new window and eBooks, opens a new window. There's also a companion film to the MCU called Planet Hulk that's worth checking out. It's available as streaming video, opens a new window.

8. Captain Marvel

Appearing for the first time in the MCU in Infinity War, Carol Danvers is a pivotal Marvel comics character and the soon-to-be star of her own film, Captain Marvel.

Learn more about fighter pilot Carol Danvers, her abilities as an Inhuman and what the Kree Empire (that we were introduced to first in first The Guardians of the Galaxy film) has to do with Inhumans on planet Earth…

Check out Captain Marvel Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight as a graphic novel, opens a new window or eBook, opens a new window and Captain Marvel Vol. 2: Down as a graphic novel, opens a new window or eBook, opens a new window.

And like the Marvel movies, let us leave you with two teasers at the end.

Teaser No. 1: Captain Marvel may not be the only Inhuman in the MCU. How much do you know about the Champions, the break-off group of disillusioned teenage superheroes? Hint: one of them has an ENORMOUS companion. Is it a dog? What else could it be? Find out in Ms. Marvel No Normal, opens a new window, available as an eBook.

Teaser No. 2: cut to a lab somewhere. A scientist labours on a new experiment. The camera shifts and we see that it isn’t any of the famous scientists we know from the MCU: no Tony Stark, Bruce Banner or Shuri in sight. Hint: Dinosaurs are involved... Find out more in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, opens a new window, available as an eBook.

For more exhilarating digital comics from the MCU, check out hoopla, opens a new window, where you can catch up with all of your faves—no holds, no waiting.

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