If You Liked Bridgerton

Dearest reader,

The time has come to place our holds for the upcoming social season. This author finds herself compelled to share the most curious of news. Our beloved catalogue has exploded with holds for the diamond of the season, The Duke and I by Julia Quinn.

While the Duke of Hastings is a one of the most desirable matches, there are many eligible titles that may catch your attention as our catalogue contains many Regency romance gems that have respectable backgrounds and are worth a second look.

The Duke and I 

Julia Quinn's first book in the series follows Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, as he begins a sham courtship with Daphne Bridgerton in an attempt to keep himself footloose and single in spite of the efforts of the town's matchmakers.

The Duke and I is also available as an downloadable audiobook and eBook through hoopla. 

Regency Buck

Georgette Heyer is considered by many to be the creator of the Regency novel, a subgenre of romance novels set during the period of the British Regency (1811–1820). With over 25 Regency novels, her novels will keep you busy while you stay at home. We recommend you start with Regency Buck, her first novel set during the Regency period.  

When Horatia Winwood steps in to marry the Earl of Rule, the disappointed suitor of her elegant sister, it is the luxuries of high society life that she becomes entranced with rather than her husband. And yet, despite the countless misunderstandings, spats and blunders, somewhere along the line, this marriage of convenience turns into the real thing.

Regency Buck is also available as an eBook

The Proposal

You could start with any of Mary Balogh's stand-alone novels, or one of her many popular series, The Survivors Club. We highly recommend you start with book one in this series, The Proposal.

In the first of the new Survivors' Club series, Lady Gwendoline Muir, a recent widow, has no intention of remarrying. However, a chance meeting with Lord Hugo Trentham, an ex-military officer, stirs feelings inside her that has her reconsidering her views on marriage.

The Proposal is also available as a book and a downloadable audiobook.

A Kiss at Midnight

Eloisa James's A Kiss at Midnight is the first entry in the Happily Ever Afters series. 

When impoverished Miss Kate Daltry meets Prince Gabriel at a ball, the prince is drawn to this spirited beauty despite being engaged to another, but their irresistible attraction is ill-fated until a kiss changes everything.

A Kiss at Midnight is also available as a downloadable audiobook and eBook

The Heir

The Heir is the first in Grace Burrowes' Windham series. Follow the Earl of Wyndham as he tries to avoid the rounds of country houses and matchmaking mamas, decides to spend the summer in London where he meets the woman of his dreams in his beautiful and mysterious housekeeper.

The Heir is also available as an audiobook CD and eBook

A Night to Surrender

While in the town of Spindle Cove, a haven for ladies with delicate constitutions, to gather a militia, the new Earl of Rycliff meets his match. Susanna Finch, a woman who is determined to save her personal utopia from the invasion of the Duke's makeshift army. Start the first book in Tessa Dare's Spindle Cove series. 

A Night to Surrender is also available as an eBook and downloadable audiobook.

Cold-Hearted Rake

When the death of his cousin, an earl, lands him with responsibility for an estate riddled with debt and the late earl's three sisters, Devon Ravenel finds himself drawn to his cousin's widow and committed to restoring the estate. Follow along with Lisa Kleypas' first book in the Ravenels series. 

The Cold-hearted Rake is also available as an eBook, audiobook CD and downloadable audiobook.

Not satisfied with any of these potential title suitors? Here are some more Bridgerton read-alikes titles for those who may still find themselves out of both choices and hope.

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