Book Clubs of EPL are Back!

After a two-year break, we're serving up a new batch of in-person book clubs fresh from the oven! This June, you can find a book club no matter where you live in the city. Even if you don’t think of yourself as the kind of person who goes to book clubs, there are lots of good reasons to be excited. 

Book clubs encourage you to read more. There’s nothing quite like a deadline to keep you motivated—if you are looking for an excuse to finish a book, why not reward yourself with a pleasant conversation to help drive you toward that final page.   

Book clubs expand your reading horizons. From historical fiction to Sci-Fi, memoirs to pop science, we curate titles that explore a range of unique perspectives. When you join a book club—even for just one session—you have a chance to discover new books you might have otherwise overlooked.  

Book clubs help you make a better connection with the material. While many of us are already fans of reading for pleasure, when you read a book for a book club, you get to dig a little deeper. And you don’t just get to consider your own thoughts about the work, you get to explore other peoples’ interpretations as well.  

Book clubs connect you with others in your community. When you attend Book Clubs of EPL, you have a chance to meet other people who are just as passionate about books as you are.  

Book Clubs of EPL is a great way to get introduced to a cornerstone of social reading. We choose the titles and organize the meetup. You just need to read the book. And don’t stress over finishing—it’s okay to put a book down. You are still welcome to join the book club and explore why it ended up on your DNF (did not finish) pile! 

What’s on the shelf in June 

If you are looking for fiction, we have a lot to choose from! 

We also have plenty of non-fiction works to explore this month!  

And for those of you interested in joining a book club, but are looking to take a more hands-on approach, check out this post on how to start your own book club. When you are ready to go, make sure you explore some of our publicly circulating Book Club kits.  

Book Clubs at EPL