These Are the Droids You’re Looking For: EPL App for Android

A long time ago on a Samsung Galaxy phone far, far away... there was the first EPL App for Android devices. Today we are excited to announce that on Monday, May 10 there will be A New Hope and a new app update for Android! This update is available for all devices supporting Android Nougat 7.0 or later.

What's New?

Personalized Home Screen 

Log in to the EPL App and check out the updated home screen, which features a personalized dashboard. Your personalized dashboard provides important account information at a glance, including the number of overdue titles, items due soon (within three days), titles ready for pick up and fees due. 

The home screen and personalized dashboard on the new EPL App for Android.

New and On Order Titles at the Library 

Swipe through carousels on the home screen to view the newest books, audiobooks, movies and TV shows that are hitting the shelves at EPL! You can also browse on-order titles and place holds on upcoming releases from the convenience of your phone. 

New titles are displayed on browsable carousels on the home screen along with a button for on-order titles.

Event Listings 

Our events are listed on the app home screen. Set audience, event type and location filters to personalize your home screen, view event details and register for events within the app!  

View and register for events at EPL from your home screen.

Enriched Content at Your Fingertips

Want to learn more about a title before placing a hold or checking it out? The EPL App for Android displays great additional content, including publisher reviews, comments and opinions from the library community. Join the conversation and add your own ratings and comments directly in the app! You can find your next great read by checking out recommended titles directly in the EPL App, or browse lists created by EPL staff members. 

Learn more about a title and find similar titles directly in the EPL App.

At the moment, the enriched content features are only available in the Android app, but fear not! These features will be coming to the iOS app in the next few weeks.

When will the EPL App for iOS be updated? 

We don’t have a hyperdrive to move at lightspeed, but an iOS update is expected in early June! We recommend updating your device settings to allow for automatic app updates to ensure that you have the most recent version of the EPL App.  


Check out our FAQs for more information on the EPL App. If you have any questions about the app update or need help troubleshooting with EPL Mobile, please contact us.

Wondering where you can find the EPL App? Download it from the Google Play Store now!

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