12 Resources for Back to School

Alexis Millar is the former Digital Marketing Specialist at the Edmonton Public Library.

The bell is ringing and school is back in session. We have lots of online resources to help get your kid ready for the school year or brush up on some topics they may have forgotten over the summer. 

1. AV2 World Languages

AV2 World Languages is a language learning resource consisting of eBooks with clean, easy-to-read layouts and vivid full-screen images. Each title includes access in 14 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, German, Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Urdu, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean. No limits, no waiting.

2. Brainfuse HelpNow

Brainfuse supports students from kindergarten up to grade 12. Students can chat live with tutors and create study aids customized to their learning needs. You don’t have to fuse your brain trying to find them things to do. Leave it to Brainfuse.

3. National Geographic Kids

Find all the things you want to know about lions, lizards and ice cream. They have videos, books and pictures from around the world that you can access with your library card.

4. PebbleGo Next

PebbleGo Next is the next step in digital literacy and research. It's designed to meet the needs of grades 3-6 students, covering everything from plant growth and changes to electricity and magnetism, evidence, investigation and more.

5. PebbleGo Suite

PebbleGo is packed with more than 1,000 informational articles specifically designed for grades K-3 students with modules covering animals, science and social studies. Games, activities and read-aloud audio make this an engaging resource for readers of all abilities.

6. PowerKnowledge: Earth & Space Science

Explore liquids, wetland ecosystems and classroom chemistry with PowerKnowledge. This online resource has three different science-related learning modules for your grade 3-6 learners to soak up as much science knowledge as possible. Get exploring the world of science with PowerKnowledge. 

7. PowerKnowledge: Life Science

Learn more about everything from seasonal changes to exploring liquids, sky science and more. It offers research and homework help that includes video, audio, live feeds and interactive games that all help bring science to life!

8. PowerKnowledge: Physical Science

Covering everything from hot and cold temperature, wheels and levers, classroom chemistry and more. It offers research and homework help that includes video, audio, live feeds and interactive games that all help bring science to life!

9. TumbleBooks

eBooks, graphic novels, classic storybooks and more! TumbleBooks has great titles, many with narration and animation that bring the story to life. No limits on checkouts and no waiting.

10. TumbleMath

Get your math on with TumbleMath! You can dive into eBooks that combine animation, narration and sound to create stories and teach math concepts. You'll have lesson plans, instructional videos, educational games and quizzes to test all ready to go with one click. This resource is for all ages and allows students to learn at their own pace. That sum(mary) sounds pretty good to us!

11. World Book Kids

Does your kid love encyclopedia articles? We’ve heard they’re all the rage right now. Boy, do we have the tool for you—World Books Kids. It has more than 25,000 encyclopedia articles that include more than 1,800 tables, 100 animations and videos, 10,000 pictures and 500 maps. That is a lot of content! 

12. World Book Early World of Learning

Check out a selection of narrated stories, interactive games and original videos that teach critical early childhood themes, including numbers, shapes, colors, opposites and more. Students can also work on their reading by strengthening their phonics, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and comprehension skills. 

Explore our collection to see what other online resource we have to help your kids get ready for school!

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