Open Data at EPL

Join us for the AB Open Data Summit October 14 & 15!

Edmonton Public Library is proud to present the inaugural Alberta Open Data Summit, which will be held October 14 & 15 at the Stanley A. Milner Library in downtown Edmonton. The Summit will provide Alberta’s citizens, scholars, businesses, non-profits, artists, journalists and governments the opportunity to share their open data-based creations, solutions and insights, build connections, work together on open data-based projects and learn new skills. Open data is a transformative resource. The open data movement has provoked new transparency, efficiency and creativity in the government, business and non-profit sectors and opened up new opportunities for understanding and representing our world to scholarship, media, art and design. The interdisciplinary Alberta Open Data Summit aims to share new Albertan knowledge and experience around open data and to push us further to activate its power and potential.

Edmonton Public Library's Statement on Open Data

Edmonton Public Library's mission is "we share." In our Shared Values document, we assert our public role as a champion of ideas, community activators, knowledge seekers, and open to all. True to our mission and values, EPL declares our support for the open data movement and recognizes the principles of the G8 Charter on Open Data.

By recognizing the Charter, EPL accepts our responsibility as a public institution to work towards sharing all of our data by default, while recognising that there are legitimate reasons why some data cannot be released. Following the charter, the data we release will be:

  • high-quality, timely, comprehensive and accurate;
  • provided in plain clear language with thorough metadata, and
  • available in formats readable by both machines and people.

Additionally, we accept responsibility for sharing our technical expertise and experience with other organizations, documenting our open data standards and publishing practices online in the interest of transparency, working to increase open data literacy and encouraging citizens to unlock the value of open data.

EPL shares data through Edmonton's Open Data Catalogue and under the City of Edmonton Open Data Terms of Use.

EPL is hosting the inaugural Alberta Open Data Summit Oct 14-15, 2016.

Access EPL's Open Data

  • Connect to our Z39.50 catalogue:
    • Domain Name:
    • Port: 2200
    • Database Name: Unicorn
    • Z3950 Record Syntax: USMARC

Learn more about Z39.50